Research Overview and Core Facilities

and Core Facilities
Larry Cornett, Ph.D.
Executive Associate Dean for Research /
Vice Chancellor for Research
August 22, 2012
Organizational Structure—
UAMS Research
COM Dean
Associate Dean
Associate Dean
Translational Research
Special Programs
Vice Chancellor
Vice Chancellor
Support Center
Research COI
UAMS Committees That
Govern Research
University Research Committee
--2 members from each college
--manages Student Research Day
--Medical Research Endowment Awards
--meets monthly
Committee for Clinical Research
--broad representation across campus (faculty
and staff
--oversight of support services for clinical/translational
--Chair is Brooks Gentry, M.D.
Office of the Vice
Chancellor for Research
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs—
Suzanne Alstadt, Director
Institutional Review Board—
Jennifer Sharp, J.D., Director
UAMS BioVentures—
Michael Douglas, Ph.D., Director
Research Support Center—
Tom Wells, MD, MBA, Director
Caroline Miller-Robinson—Business Manager
College of Medicine (COM)
Research Office
Supports COM clinical and basic science research
Provides leadership in expanding the College’s research
and creative activities
Aligns College’s research agenda with federal agencies
and foundations
Fosters interdisciplinary research programs and
Works with Development Office to further COM research
College of Medicine units include: RESNET Services,
Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine, Research
Council, and MD/PhD Program
COM Research Office Personnel
Larry Cornett, Ph.D. – Executive Associate Dean for
Research, College of Medicine and UAMS Vice
Chancellor for Research
 [email protected]; 501-686-5347
 Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics
 Director/Principal Investigator - Arkansas INBRE
(5/1/10-4/31/15) supported by NIH grant P20
 Co-Director, UAMS Center for Clinical and Translational
COM Research Office Personnel
Aubrey Hough, M.D. - Associate Dean for Translational
Research and Special Programs, College of Medicine
 [email protected]; 501-686-5369
 Professor, Department of Pathology
 Organized multi-disciplinary group to submit P42
application ($14.8 million, 5 years) to NIEHS and
Research Translation Core
 Worked with interdisciplinary, off-campus consortium
on letter of interest to DHS, HHS, and USDA
 Redrafted UAMS Emergency Preparedness plans
including 96 hour JCAHO operations plan
COM Research Office Personnel
Linda Williams, M.S. - Research Liaison
College of Medicine/Vice Chancellor for Research
 [email protected]; 501-686-7418
 Works with clinical and basic science faculty on research
requirements, collaborations, translational interests,
funding (FCC, CTSA, ADVANCE) and Development
office opportunities, and UAMS/COM research website
 Maintains statewide Research Communities
funding/collaboration website (with funding,
conference/seminar information, research facilities, and
centers and institute updates);
COM Research Office Personnel
Sharon Glover - Program Manager for Special Programs
 [email protected]; 501-526-6126
 Assists Dr. Hough in proposal preparation, COM
Dean’s Distinguished Lecture series, UAMS Emergency
Management Committee management, and manages
Translational Research and Special Programs budget
Linda Laney-Rogers – Project Program Specialist
 [email protected]; 501-686-5347
 Administrative support for the IACUC and IACUC Chair
(Dr. Bill Gurley), COM Research Council and Chair (Dr.
Robert McGehee)
Research Council
Research advisory body for the COM—20
Reviews and provides support for pilot study and bridging
grant proposals
Reviews Core Laboratory assessments annually
Supports medical student research—Honors Program and
Student Research Week
Reviews proposed UAMS policies that may potentially
impact research
Core Facilities
Skeletal Histology and Phenotyping Facility
Bioluminescent and Fluorescent Imaging Facility
(Xenogen IVIS Imaging System)
Flow Cytometry Facility
DNA Sequencing Facility
Proteomics Facility
Digital and Confocal Microscopy Laboratory
Experimental Pathology
Radiological Imaging Facility (MicroPET)
Transgenic Mouse Facility
Pharmacogenomics Analysis Laboratory
Division of Laboratory and Animal Medicine
(DLAM) and the Institutional Animal Care and
Use Committee (IACUC)
DLAM under the direction of Mildred Randolph, DVM
Provides animal research management, husbandry and care for
various animal species (~6100 animals)--mice constitute 81% of
the animals
Animal facilities locate in the Barton Building, Biomed 1 and 2, and
the Cancer Institute include various size animal holding rooms,
cubicle rooms, procedure rooms and quarantine room
Animal use protocols submitted to Linda Laney-Rogers – by the 1st
Friday of each month
IACUC (Bill Gurley, Ph.D., Chairman) meets –3rd Friday of each
month to review protocols
COM Research Website
COM Research Home Page
 Research
 Seminar and Events Calendar
 COM Core Facilities
 Funding Opportunities
 Centers and Institutes
 Research Council
 Research Toolbox
Research Information
Support Network (ReSIN)
--Open forum that provides important information
about research support, new regulations, etc.
--Walton Auditorium (Rockefeller Cancer Institute)
1st Tuesday of each month
12:00-1:00 pm
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