Erindale Secondary School

Erindale Secondary School
Preparation Workshops for Parents
Post-Secondary Schools in
 University & Colleges
• Degree granting institutions
– most offering post-graduate opportunities
 Community Colleges
• offer certificates, diplomas & applied degrees
 Collaborative or Joint Programs
• Universities linked to colleges
– receive both a diploma and a degree
If you want to apply to
 an Ontario University
• through the Ontario University Application
Centre [OUAC]
– 3 Universities for $130 & $44 for each after 3
 an Ontario Community College
• through the Ontario College Application
Service [OCAS]
– $95 processing fee for 5
If you want to apply to
 an out of province university or college
• done separately online
• application fee for each institution
• required to send a transcript
– sometimes OUAC can supply marks
 an American university
• SAT or ACT is usually required
– information in Counselling Office
• Athletes see Mr. von Bulow for NCAA info
What are the differences?!?
 Undergrad/Postgrad
 Social Sciences/Humanities/Arts
 Health Science/Life Science
 Engineering/Applied Science
 Co-op/Internships
Who does what ?!?
• OUAC only, assigns PIN numbers
• processes applications and transcripts
and forwards them to the
• Notifies you and your counsellors if your
grades are missing or incomplete
• Lets the University/Colleges know when
you have accepted an offer of
Who does what?!?
 High Schools
• Distribute your Ontario Education Number
(OEN), INFO Booklet, and the Ontario College
• Provide OUAC/OCAS with your personal and
academic information
• Provide OUAC/OCAS with your updated grades
information in February, April & July
• Notify OUAC/OCAS if you transfer to another
Who does what?!?
 Students
• OCAS only, setup their own online account and
create their personal username and password
– Keep this information in a safe place
• Complete their application
• Verify their academic information
• Makes changes to their application online
– Keep OUAC/OCAS and therefore schools informed of
any changes in their personal information
Who does what ?!?
 Students (Continued...)
• Pay the application processing fee. Their
program choices will not be sent along to the
schools until payment is received
• Print a copy of their application summary
• Verify online that their payment has been
• complete additional requirements of
admission, if required
Important OUAC Dates
January 15, 2015: Latest date to submit completed on-line
applications to the OUAC
February 4, 2015: Recommended last day to make changes
to your application
May 29, 2015: Date by which the universities must respond
to your application for admission
June 2, 2015: Earliest date by which the university may
require a financial commitment from applicants
Important OCAS Dates
February 1, 2015: Equal consideration date (all
applications received at OCAS by this date will be
considered equally by the colleges
 May 1, 2015: Earliest admission offer date for high
school applicants
 June 15, 2015: Earliest date that the colleges can
require payment of tuition fees
OUAC PIN Numbers
Arrive the end of November
 Students should be listening for
announcements & checking the
Counselling Bulletin Board
 Ask your child for their OUAC
number as a backup, in case they
lose or forget their number
Websites of Use
• student loans
• school counsellor website
• OCAS website
• Canadian Scholarship Info
• OUAC website
• financial planning for
• Info for all Ontario
• SAT website
Research is important!
 You should encourage your child to
research their Post-secondary education
by having them
• Read School Information Packages
• Visit colleges or universities
• Find out about Financial assistance or
 It is worth their time!
Preparation Workshop
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