OUAC Application Process

Applying Online to Ontario’s Universities
OUAC 101 Online Application for
Ontario Secondary School Students
Application Booklet
• Go To:
Step 1: Your OUAC Access Codes
Your guidance counsellor will give you a
confidential letter containing your access
 PIN (Personal ID#)
 School Number
 Student Number
Your PIN is confidential!
Don’t share it with anyone else.
These numbers will allow you to access your
OUAC 101 Online Application.
Step 2: Research Your University Options
 Visit eINFO (www.electronicinfo.ca) to see what each
university has to offer. Read the eINFO bulletin.
 Read the OUAC 101 Instruction Booklet as well as the
101 Addenda (both available at www.ouac.on.ca/
ouac-101/) to get the most up-to-date program
 Check out university publications, websites and tours.
 Talk to counsellors, family, teachers and friends.
 Write down your program choices and codes, and keep
them handy.
You can use the FastTrack option to add
program choices to your application using the
OUAC program code.
Step 3: Mark Your Calendar
October/November 2014: Schools distribute Access Code
Letters for the OUAC 101 Online Application.
January 14, 2015: Latest date to submit completed online
applications to the OUAC.
February 3, 2015: Recommended last day to make changes
to your application.
May 28, 2015: Date by which the universities must respond
to your application for admission.
June 1, 2015: Earliest date by which the universities may
require a response to offers of admission and a financial
Paying for Your Application
Necessary to Complete Application
You have the following three options:
1. VISA/MasterCard/American Express:
You will need the card number, expiry date and the
cardholder’s name.
2. Online/Telephone Banking:
You will receive a bill payment account number from
the OUAC as soon as you submit your application.
3. Cheque/Money Order:
You must send the cheque or money order by mail
within two weeks of submitting your online
Let’s Get Started!
You will access the online application
at: www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101/
Logging in to OUAC:
Ontario Universities Application Centre
• Go To:
• Information Links for Ontario Law Schools, Medical Schools
and Faculties of Education also seen here.
• Current secondary school students use “OUAC 101 – Current
Ontario Secondary School Students” link to apply. Click here
for plethora of information including dates, fees, common
questions, links to universities, the “101 Online Application”,
instruction booklets and instruction video tutorials.
• PIN (Personal Identification Number) required to apply and is
available in Guidance in mid-November.
Logging in to OUAC 101
To begin:
Log in to your online
application account using
the confidential access
codes provided by your
guidance counsellor.
Navigating OUAC 101
This navigation bar runs across the top of
each screen and guides you through the
This navigation bar runs down the
left side of each screen.
Help links are located on most of
the application screens.
Selecting Your Program
Not sure where to apply?
Use the various “Search Options” provided.
These are the
search options!
The FastTrack Option
To use the FastTrack option, enter your OUAC
program codes: one per box.
Enter OUAC
program codes
Once You’ve Selected a Program:
Complete the program details requested for each
program selected.
Select the Help link at
any time for more
The Final Steps
Once you’ve selected your programs, you’re ready to prepare
and submit your application following these six steps below:
1. Review the programs
that you have selected.
3. & 4. Your school may have already
provided much of this data. Check it
for accuracy and make changes
where necessary.
2. Number your choices in order of preference. This
doesn’t affect admission or scholarships unless
the university specifies this in their literature.
5. The universities require you to
answer nine questions.
(Don’t worry – they’re easy!)
6. Review and report
errors to your
guidance office.
Academic Information
Please report errors to your guidance counsellor.
This screen is
Submitting Your Application
Once you click “Submit”, you will
verify all the information on your
application. Print it for your records. To
make changes, return to the specific
application steps.
Select “I Verify and
Agree” to proceed to
the payment screen.
Once you have chosen your
method of payment and clicked
the “Finish ” button, you will
immediately receive an OUAC
Reference Number.
The OUAC cannot
process your
application without
the application fee.
OSSD Community Service
Are your
$$ FEES $$
• $140
Basic Fee Allows 3 university/program choices
• Check with individual universities if considering more than
one choice at same university.
• $47
Each additional university/program choice
• Unlimited number of university/program
selections allowed
Finishing Up
Print the screen displaying your OUAC Reference Number
(2013-XXXXXX) and further instructions; it’s the screen right
after the final “Submit” step.
Store your OUAC Reference Number and PIN in a safe place.
You will need them to log back in to your application to review
your information, make changes to it, and respond to offers of
Need Assistance?
Read the "Common Questions" and other helpful
information on our website at: www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101/.
Contact us:
170 Research Lane
Guelph ON N1G 5E2
Telephone: 519-823-1063
Fax: 519-823-5232
Website: www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101/
Disability and Special Needs
• If you have an IPRC, this may apply to you.
• Please see your counselor or SERT if you are applying
to college/university and you have an IPRC.
• Updated formal testing such as a “psychoeducational” assessment may be required. An IEP
alone may not be enough.
• Contact the college’s/university’s Disability Services
office for detailed information about assistance if
considering that college/university
Collaborative AND JOINT
University and College Programs
• Collaborative programs allow students to obtain both
a degree at a university and a diploma at a community
• Depending on Program, use OUAC and/or OCAS
• Each institution defines its own procedures for
applying to these programs.
• Go To Page 31 at:
Refused Admission to all Choices? 
• For availability of programs, in June you can access
the Ontario Universities’ Admission Information
Service at www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101/ or call 519823-1063.
• You are also encouraged to contact universities
directly for related information.
• You may delete a university selection if they declined
you admission and replace that choice with another
selection at no extra charge.
• Did you also consider OCAS – an Ontario College ?.
• Go to:
• http://www.ocutg.on.ca/www/index_en.php
• Your guide to credit transfer in colleges and
universities in Ontario.
• Graduating from high school? Changing
college or university programs or institutions?
Graduating from college or university and
looking for another credential?
PINS – OUAC Applicants Only
• Required for log-in at OUAC website
• Available in Guidance during mid-November –t.b.a.
• Pick up at Guidance on lunch or spare
• DO NOT lose or share your PIN !!!
Grades Collection Dates by OUAC
•October/November Initial Collection:
October 2013
•Final Semester 1 Grades Grades
Collection Period:
February 2014
•Semester 2 Mid-Term Grades *
Collection Period:
April 2014
•Year End Grades Collection Period:
June 2014
•August Grades Collection Period:
July 2014
* Only OCAS will receive Semester 1 Mid-Term Grades
Marks and Transcripts
• Secondary school will forward all recorded marks,
registered courses at OLMC and transcripts to
• OUAC forwards program selections and marks to
individual universities.
• Dropping courses mid-semester? MUST be
completed by 5th School Day After Report Cards for
Current Semester.
Night School and Private School
• Private school
May and Should Send Course Info. and Marks to OUAC
Student MUST ENSURE OLMC Receives Official Report Card.
• Night School
– Dufferin Peel will automatically send to OLMC.
– For Peel and other, Student Must Ensure OLMC Receives
Official Report Card
It is STUDENT’S Responsibility to Ensure All Academic Data
is correct at OUAC; ReportConcerns to Guidance.
Students MAY NOT send academic data or transcripts to
OUAC during academic year – only OLMC may.
Due Diligence
• Tutorials at: www.ouac.on.ca/ugrad-tutorials/
• Research your programs – students are responsible for
obtaining correct admission information. Also go to:
• Contact Colleges/Universities directly with questions.
• Regularly visit OCAS/OUAC site(s) to monitor academic
information is correct.
• Report concerns to your guidance counselor.
• Be aware of your OSSD and admission requirements for
college and university.
January Offer of Admission
• Should Apply Before December 30.
• Mainly based on Grade 11 Final Marks and
Completed Grade 12 Marks
• Marks are typically “exceptional”
Course Drops and Full Disclosure
• Semester 1 Courses MUST be Dropped by 5th
School Day after Report Card Distribution.
Inform Guidance by November 17th, 2014.
• Semester 2 Course MUST be Dropped by 5th
School Day after Report Card Distribution.
Inform Guidance by April 27th, 2015
• Dropping a Current Night Course? See Night
School Principal for timelines.
Private School Credits
• Private School Should SEND your final mark
• YOU MUST arrange to have final
report card/transcript sent to OLMC
Guidance for entry to OLMC transcript ASAP
course is complete.
Deadlines and Dates