The 360 Evaluation

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Presented by:
 Jim Conyers
 Master School Board Member
 President, Bloomfield Board of
Reference to 360 degrees of a circle.
Attempt to get input from numerous areas
of the organization.
Can include maintenance, food service,
administration, academic faculty,
transportation or any other department.
Many Board members have limited
information about performance of the
Gives additional stake holders opportunity
for input.
Provides Board and Superintendent with
information from numerous sources.
Paper version: This involves printing a hard
copy of the evaluation instrument,
distribution to those selected and tabulation
and analysis of results.
Board should decide what areas are important
to be surveyed.
Develop format, decide who is going to be in
charge of distribution, tabulation and analysis
of the results.
District has approximately 450 employees.
 Survey 20% of all staff(90 people).
 Print list of all staff and random number 1-5.
 Survey goes to everyone with number 5.
 Be certain no school or department left out.
 All School Board members included.
 Send email invitation to those selected
explaining procedures and deadline for
Only School Board President has access to results.
Survey Monkey
Cost is $200 per year.
Use as often as needed during the year.
Multiple use for other administrators in the
district—principals, directors, department
heads, etc.
Immediate feedback and summary of results.
Going green. Less use of paper/saves time.
Would you please share your perspective of
how effectively the superintendent is
performing in the areas which follow. Please
select a number for “1” to “5” with “1” being
very ineffective and “5” being highly
effective. If you have no perspective of that
area, please select “N/A”.
This was designed to determine if the
superintendent was out working in the
district or mainly worked from the office
through memos, emails and surrogates.
We felt it was important for stake holders to
recognize the superintendent and see
involvement in the district.
We believed that it is important that the staff
have some method of access to the
Do staff members feel comfortable in bringing
issues to the superintendent and will the
superintendent be open to staff input.
Is superintendent’s office friendly and
welcoming or are there many barriers.
Do community members recognize the
superintendent and see him/her as an
involved in community ?
Would community members feel like they
know the superintendent and feel at ease
bringing issues forward?
One of the functions of the superintendent is
to provide leadership for the district in
educational areas.
Superintendents should be knowledgeable in
educational issues and practices in order to
lead staff to maximize effectiveness.
Superintendents need to be able to make sure
all parts of the district work together
This requires knowledge of the functions of
each department and the ability to coordinate
their activities.
Do staff consider the superintendent to be
Does the superintendent deal with everyone
fairly and professionally?
Does the superintendent maintain
confidentiality and avoid mistreating staff?
1. Please share your perspective of how effectively the
superintendent is performing in the areas which follow.
Please select a number from “1” to “5” with “1” being
very ineffective and “5” being highly effective. If you
have no perspective please select “NA.”
Visibility to staff
Accessibility by staff
Community Relations
Instructional Leadership
Organizational Leadership
Ethical Behavior
In the following comment/essay box,
you may provide a written comment
regarding “Commendable Performance
Areas,” where you may enter those
things that you view as being done in
a very positive way by our
In the following comment/essay box,
you may provide a written comment
regarding “Areas for Improvement,”
where you may suggest changes in
behavior of the superintendent that
would improve his/her performance.
Support from Board.
Rater accountability to provide honest
Rater anonymity and confidentiality.
Easy to use feedback and report format,
Accountability for action planning and follow
through by person being rated as well as
Debate whether results should only be used
for improvement by superintendent or used
for evaluation by Board.
Can superintendent be expected to improve
base on feed back or does he/she need
incentives and/or consequences.
If you give superintendent information,
he/she will make necessary changes
Not necessary to force managers to make
Opportunity to see ourselves as others see
Raters may be more honest if think results
being used for improvement only.
Less threatening to superintendent and may
get more “buy in” to process.
People resistant to change unless forced to
do so.
May feel results are not accurate and
therefore not willing to implement change.
Change requires effort and may feel there is
no worthwhile payoff.
Board has responsibility for evaluating
superintendent and establishing goals for
Model provides information from areas of
organization not easily accessible to Board.
Data used in developing goals for the
Organizations resist change and this is a way
of showing where change is needed.
Can be misused by individual Board members
who have a personal agenda.
Raters may be less inclined to be honest if
they support boss but see need for
Raters may see process to “get the boss”
rather than improve they system.
Superintendent may have less support for
 Self
improvement or Evaluation.
 How about both?
Bracken, David. Should360-Degree
Feedback be Used Only for Developmental
Purposes? Center for Creative Leadership,
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