Joan Fitzgerald`s powerpoint presentation

Northeastern University: An Anchor
Institution Supporting Inner-City
Small Business Development
presented by
Joan Fitzgerald, Interim Dean
School of Law Community
Business Clinic
● Provides inner-city entrepreneurs with legal
services to navigate complex regulatory
requirements and protect their intellectual
property assets
● Services include drafting reviewing, and
negotiating licenses, permits, leases, loan
documents, intellectual property rights and
service agreements and others
● Funded by US Department of Commerce
Law Professor Rashmi
Safe and Sound Return
Entrepreneurship Training Institute
● A collaboration of Northeastern University’s
College of Business and Bouvé College of
Health Sciences with the Boston Public Health
● Provides specific job skills, entrepreneurship
training, career coaching, and substance-abuse
relapse prevention into a ten-week program.
● Seven sessions have served 77 women with an
evaluation underway.
Boston Inner-City Database
● A collaboration of Northeastern University’s
Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy
and ICIC
● Creating an inner-city business database to
accurately portray the substantial business
opportunities that reside in economically
distressed urban areas in Boston.
● Goal is to increase the viability and strength of
inner-city businesses and then to replicate in
other cities.
School of Public Policy
and Urban Affairs:
MS in Urban & Regional Policy
Master of Public Administration
Online option available.
MS in Law & Public Policy
Focus areas in Sustainability, Climate Change and Environmental
Policy; Health Policy; Crime and Justice and Urban Policy.
PhD in Law & Public Policy
All courses are offered in the evenings in order to accommodate
students who are working full-time during the day.
The masters programs have admissions cycles for starting in either
the Fall or Spring Semester.
● Fosters interdisciplinary social
science research on critical
public policy issues
● Provides professional training
for tomorrow’s leaders
● Energizes sustained
community involvement
through collaborations with
local and regional institutions