Fraternity Recruitment 2014! - Illinois Wesleyan University

Fraternity Recruitment 2014
What does it mean to be
in a fraternity?
Group of individuals who share similar
Bonded together by common goals and
aspirations created through rituals
Service & Philanthropy
Benefits of Fraternity
Fraternity members build lifelong friendships both
within his chapter and the Greek community. Some of
these opportunities include:
Brotherhood Activities
Annual Greekend activities
Fall New Member 101 Series
Socials and Exchanges
Homecoming & Family Weekend
Benefits of Fraternity
Academic excellence is a primary focus in fraternities. As a
member of the Fraternity community, your son will find the
 Greek Growth Series
 Chapter academic requirements such as study hours and tutoring
 Dedicated spaces in chapter houses for quite study
 Additional scholarship money available as a member of the Fraternity
& Sorority community
 Higher retention than regular student population
 Higher graduation rate than regular student population
service & philanthropy
Benefits of Fraternity
Being a member of the Fraternity community means
giving back to the Bloomington/Normal area and
across the nation including:
GreekServe Program
Raising money for Local and National Charitable
Volunteering service to local charitable agencies
Participation in Alternative Breaks programs
Benefits of Fraternity
Leadership Development is deeply routed in the core of
fraternities. Your son will have multiple opportunities to develop
into a leader among his peers. Here are just a few examples of
these opportunities :
 Leadership opportunities within chapters and Interfraternity Council
 Order of Omega Leadership Honor Society
 Fraternity & Sorority Programming Board
 Annual Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Retreat
 “Best Practices” Officer Roundtables
 Travel to Leadership Development conferences
Common Questions
Commonly Asked
Which chapters are at IWU?
When is recruitment? What does it
What is the cost?
Is there hazing?
Where do fraternity members live?
Fraternity Options at IWU
Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)
Sigma Chi
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Theta Chi
Greek Organizations NOT
part of FSL
Phi Mu Alpha (music, male)
Delta Omicron (music, co-ed)
Alpha Phi Omega (service, co-ed)
Alpha Kappa Psi (business, co-ed)
When is Recruitment?
Recruit year Round
Fall Structured Process
Information Sessions
Open Individual Chapter Events (August 27 –
September 11)
Invitation Only Preference Meals (September 12 –
1st Day to Receive/Accept a Bid (Monday,
September 15)
Registration is not required; but highly
encouraged and free.
The Costs
Costs of Fraternity
 Fraternities are self-funded organizations. Chapters
collect dues/membership fees from every member.
 Dues are usually spent on
 alumni/parent programming
 philanthropic events
 social events
 scholarship programming
 membership recruitment
 administrative costs
 Most chapters offer payment plans to assist members in
meeting financial obligations to the chapter
 Many offer scholarship funds on the national level
The Costs
Costs of Fraternity
 Room & Board are through IWU
 Currently equal to double occupancy room fees
 Board depends on meal plan selected
 6 semester required; 4 expected in chapter house
 Undercapacity Fee
 Ranges each semester depending on chapter’s ability to fill to
capacity (2014-15 projected range will be $0 to $176
 Not charged to students during first year at IWU
 Common Area Damages
 2013-14 range (to date) was $44.73 to $150.22
 Chapter Dues and Fees
 2013-14 range was $800 to $970; first year range was $550 to $820
Don’t they Haze?
 Fraternity new members all experience a period of orientation
that varies in both content and length among chapters.
 Hazing is absolutely forbidden by each Organization’s and the
University’ s policies as well as Illinois State law.
 During recruitment, the potential member will want to ask
each organization specific questions about what is expected
of him as a new member.
 If you have any concerns regarding hazing please contact the
Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life or the Dean of Students
Office (it can be confidential).
Where do they live?
University-owned chapter houses
Each chapter has a student live-in House
Manager employed by OFSL
Meals are through campus dining facilities
All have Live-in requirements ranging from
2 semesters to 4 semesters required
IWU policy beginning in 2014 is 6 semesters on
campus, 4 of which can be in chapter house
Additional Questions?
Blake Bradley, Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (309) 556-3555
Be sure to check out our website
and Facebook Pages for lots of
great information about the
fraternity & sorority community
at IWU.