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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and
Development (ARDD) -Legal Aid
April 29th, 2014
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Jordanian independent non-governmental organization
► Operates in Jordan and the MENA region
► Newly Created - established in 2010
► Long standing partnerships with UNHCR, OSF & OXFAM
► First Arab, rights-based organization
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We are dedicated to promoting human rights, democracy and inclusive
development, and combatting injustice, coalesced with the provision of legal
ARDD is working towards reaching preeminent levels of justice and equity
for all, through adopting an all-inclusive approach.
► We are guided by our commitment to the right to development, and to
facilitate the realization of people’s social, economic, cultural and political
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Our Story
We started out as Legal Aid in 2008, and naturally evolved following four
years of experience in the legal domain – which revealed the need to
advance and sustain efforts to support a diverse range of marginalized
groups in the region.
We integrated our 4 years of operations as Legal Aid, and expanded the
mission and scope of work.
We continue to grow and forge development relations and partnerships
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Fortifying commitment to the right to development in all its encompassing
inferences that facilitate the realization of people's social, economic, cultural,
and political rights on a national, regional and international level.
We aim at finding a just and stable society, through:
Empowering marginalized and vulnerable groups to acquire their
Motivating stakeholders to meet their obligations towards
marginalized populations, through providing solutions to victims
and holding the violators legally accountable.
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Actively contribute in creating a just and stable society that is free of inequity
and conflict by empowering marginalized groups to acquire, and enjoy their
universal rights and freedoms, through:
Providing pro bono legal services to local communities, refugees
and immigrants in Jordan, and work on supporting and
disseminating a human rights culture within the region through
Contributing to capacity building of governmental institutions and
citizens to become active in reform and the democratic process.
Strengthening human development, with a focus on income,
education, health, and gender equality.
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Management Structure
Board of Directors
Legal Assistance Department
Executive Assembly
General Management Director
– Deputy Director
Democracy & Governance
Policy Department
Development & Human
Rights Department
Management & Administration
Litigation & Consultation Unit
Political & Civic Participation
Media & Advocacy Unit
Gender Unit
Office Administration &
Logistics Unit
Awareness Raising & Capacity
Building Unit
Accountability Unit
Research Unit
Psychosocial Support Unit
Finance & Fund Raising Unit
For-Profit Services Unit
Capacity Building Unit
Humanitarian Assistance Unit
Human Resources Unit
Monitoring & Evaluation Unit
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Our vision is guided by our focus areas
– our Pillars of Change, which direct
the development strategy.
This determines the areas in which we
intervene and implement our programs.
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Focus Areas
Providing Legal Aid
• Provide legal services to ensure the underprivileged
community’s right to justice and protection.
Fostering Democracy
and Governance
• Foster democracy and governance imperatives, to build the
capacity of new governments and citizens to become active
agents in the reform and democratic process.
Protecting Vulnerable
Groups (Refugees,
Migrants, Woman)
• Prioritize the needs of vulnerable groups through the protection
of these groups, and strengthening their fortitude and active
Promoting Human
• Promote, protect and defend human rights, through human
rights education and psychosocial support.
Enhancing Educational
• Enhance educational reform by raising awareness to social
values that vigorously promote active citizenships, fight
discrimination and inequity.
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Programs – Ongoing & Planned
Legal Assistance
Human Rights & Development
► Gender
► Community Mobilization
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Clothing Bank Campaign unites
ARDD-Legal Aid and JHCO
Legal Assistance
We provide free legal assistance (consultation, mediation, litigation and
representation) as Legal Aid to refugees and migrant workers in Jordan.
► We facilitate and protect the rights of underprivileged groups to ensure
their attain their rights within the Rule of Law framework.
We are currently building the capacity of Syrian lawyers and raising their
awareness of required topics, so that they are better equipped to addressing
the legal needs of their citizens in a time of crisis.
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Building governmental capacity (legislation, policies/mechanisms, terminology
concepts) regarding refugees
To elevate governmental support and response
Engaging and advocating in pertinent communities and platforms regarding
Syrian refugees
To provide heightened stability and build confidence
Conducting academic research of cultural features that hinder stability in
camps/ host communities of Syrian refugees
To better understand the problem and how to make good
governance tangible
Protecting the needs and rights of women, particularly refugees
To contribute to empowerment and civic participation
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Human Rights & Development
We work on increasing women’s protection, social and political
participation, and economic empowerment – with the support of Oxfam.
Community Mobilization
Raise legal awareness by deploying various means of communications (social
media, direct …).
► Creating of hotline to receive refugee/ host community concerns and
► Ensure the community’s access to information and services through
community facilitator.
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Our Partners
We are proud of our partnerships with the following organizations and
Page 15
ARDD-LA’s impact would not be possible without the generous support of
our donors. Their generosity makes our work possible and we thank them.
Sanabel AlKhair
Association –
Amman - AlHashmi
Princes Basma
Center for
Development –
Bait Al Kol
Association - Zarqa
Jordan Women
Union – Mafraq &
Women Program
Jordan Leaders
Training Forum
AlRahman –
Amman – AlHashmi
Sayyedat AlNasser
Association Amman
Family & Childhood
Protection Centers
– Irbid & Ramtha
Association Ramtha
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Find & Follow Us!
Twitter @ARDDLegalAid
[email protected]
Emergency Line: 0777387221
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