Argumentative Synthesis directions

Argumentative Synthesis Practice:
You will be writing an argumentative synthesis frame paper on one of the following prompts. Go to my website
where you will find articles on Mass Shootings and Syrian Refugees. Read the articles and create an argument
using the worksheet provided. When citing you can simply note the file name and number (Syrian 1). What you
don’t finish today in the library is homework due next class. If you finish early, work on your grammar
assignment also on this same page.
Synthesis Topics:
Mass Shootings:
Mass shootings have become an epidemic in American society. The ongoing debate is whether or not stricter
gun control laws would reduce the amount of mass shootings in the US. Read through the articles and outline
your argument.
Syrian Refugees:
Syria has been in the midst of a brutal civil war since 2011. The people of Syria are fleeing at an alarming rate.
Recently, President Obama authorized the acceptance of 10,000 refugees in the year 2016. Is this the right
decision for America? Read through the articles and outline your argument.