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get into …
Health and Social Care
Bernhard Haas
Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School of Health Professions, Plymouth University
Tracey Proctor-Childs
Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery, Plymouth University
Fulfilling Careers - excellent courses
Vocational professions in health and social
Clear career structures and career prospects
Popular and highly rated course at
Tuition fees paid for by the Government *
Bursaries available from the Government *
Find out more at:
*not for Optometry or Paramedicine
**Others courses and other universities are also available
getting into …
Health and Social Care Professions
UCAS process
Good GCSE profile
Range of A-level Tariffs or other qualifications
Work experience
Values based recruitment
Health and Character
– Occupational Health clearance, incl. inoculations
– DBS checks
being a …
Health and Social Care student
• Demanding but fulfilling student life
• Placement/practice experience ON TOP of
academic requirements
• Shorter holidays, more contact hours
• Being a Professional from day one
• Great experiences working with patients,
clients, service users and professional
The ‘Magnificent Eight’
Health & Care Professions
Social Work
Podiatry Occupational Therapy
OperatingDepartment Practice
Dietitians use the most up to date public health and
scientific research on food, health, and disease, which
they translate into practical guidance to enable people
to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices.
Dietitians have great work prospects, and high job
Dietitians work in the NHS, both in hospitals and
community, in industry, research, and privately.
Fees paid for plus bursary
At the cutting edge….
Unique and specialist
practitioners caring for
patients in operating
theatres and critical care
• 100% employability- national
60% of time is practice based
• Fees paid for plus
• Great career prospects
• Varied and exciting
• Assessment, diagnosis, treatment and review of lower limb
• Rewarding valued profession due to varied caseload and
instant patient satisfaction
• Fees paid for plus bursary
• Diverse flexible employment/practice opportunities: private
practice, NHS, (both!), part-time, full-time, musculoskeletal,
surgical, paediatrics, condition specific specialities, research,
education etc
• Excellent employment prospects
• Google ‘Plymouth Podiatry’ to find out more
An optometrist is a professional that takes care of
the visual status and monitors the health of the eyes
Three year degree with an academic and a practice
• Clinical skills from Year 1
• Placements in each year of the course
Designed to meet the requirements of the General
Optical Council (GOC)
Excellent career and salary prospects and potential for
flexible working
• ‘Occupational Therapists work with people of
all ages, helping them to carry out the
activities that they need or want to do in
order to lead healthy and fulfilling lives’
• Fees paid for plus bursary
• Varied career opportunities: Hospitals, social
services, independent practice, charities,
community, industry, nursing homes, industry,
Is Physiotherapy for me?
Are you good at human
biology and think you would
enjoy working closely with
people of all ages?
Fees paid for plus bursary
What areas can I work in?
• Musculoskeletal
• Cardiorespiratory
• Neurology
• Trauma and Orthopaedics
• Women’s Health
• Sports
• Paediatrics
• Amputee rehabilitation
• Hospitals, community, sports
clubs, fitness industry, industry,
private practice ….
A healthcare profession
working with people to
maximise their ability to
move - improving health,
wellbeing and quality of life
Find out more at
• A different challenge every
• Exciting role
• Rewarding experiences
• Fulfilling career
• Amazing opportunities for
• Good career progression
Our degree will open the door to many graduate
jobs and careers, for example working with
children and families in child protection, fostering
and adoption, youth justice, drug and alcohol
dependency, older people, people with mental
health issues, and people with disabilities.
For more information contact The College of
Social Work
the British Association of Social Workers
the Health & Care Professions Council
Adult Nursing
Child Nursing
Mental Health
BSc (Hons) Nursing: Adult
• Three year full time modular programme designed to prepare
students for their future role as a registered nurse and to meet the
Nursing and Midwifery Council competencies (NMC 2010).
• The programme gives equal weighting to both academic and clinical
practice and 50% of the programme will be undertaken in all areas
where nursing care is delivered; this includes but is not exclusively
primary, secondary and tertiary care settings.
• A variety of teaching and assessment methods, with peer teaching
and learning incorporated throughout the programme.
• Students are supported throughout the programme by personal
tutors, registered nurse mentors and Placement Development
• The BSc (Hons) Nursing programme is committed to supporting
students to develop the knowledge and skills required to seek
employment within a health or social care setting.
BSc (Hons) Child Health
• An exciting and varied curriculum designed to enable
students to take on the complex
role of advocate to children and young
• A wide range of interesting and challenging
placements ranging from high tech, high dependency
to strategic public health work
• Renowned support from a team of highly
committed lecturers and practitioners with
diverse specialities
• Excellent career prospects, opportunities within
community, hospitals, schools and public health.
BSc (Hons) Nursing: (Mental Health)
A three year modular programme which aims to develop the Capable, Competent,
Graduate Mental Health Practitioners of the future.
The programme gives equal weighting to both academic and clinical practice. 50%
of the programme is practice focused, allowing students to learn and develop
transferable skills which will enable them to deliver care across the breadth of
mental health settings.
The programme incorporates a range of innovative and varied teaching and
assessment methods. These are underpinned by both evidence based and Valuesbased practice – users of mental health services & carers are involved at every
stage and deliver one of the modules
Students are supported throughout the programme by academic and clinical staff,
as well as by Placement Development Teams. This collaborative partnership
approach enables students to develop as reflective practitioners.
The programme is committed to supporting students in developing the knowledge
and skills required to work in a recovery focused way, in a range of health and
social care settings
BSc (Hons) Pre Registration Midwifery
with Plymouth University
• A new curriculum with modules embedding you into the profession from
the start. You will experience your first practice placement before Christmas
so that you can begin to apply the theory to practice.
• The only Pre Registration Midwifery programme in the country to offer
both a fully NMC-approved Mentorship module and the theory required for
Examination of the Newborn within the curriculum – enhancing your
knowledge-base and employability.
• A varied range of teaching and assessment to help you to achieve the
professional body and programme outcomes and to develop lifelong
personal and professional skills.
• A wide range of placements including varied models of maternity
care and specific non-midwifery experiences.
• A renowned network of structured support including peers,
academics and practice staff.
Travel the journey with us from lay person to professional midwife!
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