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October 2013
Neal Marriott
The Geological Society
Founded in 1807
UK national society for geoscience, and the oldest geological society in the world
More than 11,000 Fellows, 2000 of whom live overseas
2000 Fellows are Chartered Geologists
Boasts one of the most important geological libraries in the world
Global leader in Earth science publishing – Publishing House based in Bath
A not-for-profit publisher supporting the Earth Science community
The Publishing House celebrated its 25th anniversary this year
Burlington House, Piccadilly, London
The Library at Burlington House
Our Lyell Collection 2014 brochure – if you would like one
please ask
The image used is a satellite image of China: the Turpan
Pendi © Fugro NPA Mapping Ltd
The Turpan Pendi, or Turfan Depression, nestles below the
Bogda Mountains, in the upper half of the image, on the
northern rim of the Takla-makan Desert. It is the third
lowest place on Earth, 154m/505ft below sea level. It
consists of an unusual mixture of salt and sand dunes. The
saline lake to the lower left is typical, as is the undulating
area of sand to the lower right.
NPA are corporate affiliates of The Geological Society and
have specialised in the use of satellite imagery for
exploration of the Earth’s resources, environment and
hazards since 1972.
Lyell Collection Content
 Journal of the Geological Society, 1845 to current, print ISSN 0016-7649, online ISSN 2041-479X
 Petroleum Geoscience, 1995 to current, print ISSN 1354-0793, online ISSN 2041-496X
 Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis, 2001 to current, print ISSN 1467-7873, online ISSN
 Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 1967 to current, print ISSN 1470-9236,
online ISSN 2041-4803
 Petroleum Geology Conference series, volumes 4-7, print ISSN n/a, online ISSN n/a
 Special Publications, volumes 1 to 350 (current), print ISSN 0305-8719, online ISSN 2041-4927
 Memoirs, volume 1-33 (current), print ISSN 0435-4052, online ISSN 2041-4722
 Engineering Geology Special Publications, volumes 1-22 (current), print ISSN 0267-9914, online ISSN
 Journal of Micropalaeontology, 1982 to current, print ISSN0262-821X, online ISSN 2041-4978
 Scottish Journal of Geology, 1965 to current, print ISSN 0036-9276, online ISSN 2041-4951
 Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 1839 to current, print ISSN 0044-0604, online ISSN
 Transactions of the Geological Society, 1811 to 1856, print ISSN n/a, online ISSN 2042-5295
Total collection comprises: 260 000 peer-reviewed pages, 26 000 articles, 1000 volumes
The Lyell Collection, created
to mark the Geological
Society of London's 200th
anniversary in 2007,
represents one of the largest
integrated collections of
online Earth science
literature available. Bringing
together key journals,
Special Publications and
Society book series on a
single electronic platform,
the Lyell Collection is a
unique resource for
researcher and student
Lyell Collection Complete 2014 Subscriptions
Includes 2014 subscriptions to:
- Journal of the Geological Society
- Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
- Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis
- Petroleum Geoscience
- Geological Society of London Special Publications (including Online First articles)
- Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society
- Scottish Journal of Geology
- Journal of Micropalaeontology
Also includes: (Online Access available only as part of a Lyell Collection Complete subscription)
- Geological Society of London Memoirs
- Engineering Geology Special Publications
- The Transactions of the Geological Society (1811-1856)
- Petroleum Geology Conference Proceedings (4th, 5th, 6th and 7th conferences)
- Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society (1870-1963)
- Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow (1863-1965)
£4,890 (£4,075 + VAT)
*Saving £949
£4,329 + VAT (£5,194.80)
*Saving £983
Online journals and SPs + print copies of 2014
Special Publications
£5,412.23 (£4,575 + VAT)
*Saving £870
£4,829 + VAT (£5,712.71)
*Saving £921
Online only
UK End User
European Union End User
VAT Rate
£4,329 / US$8,657
£4,829 / US$9,657
*Saving £983 / US$1,967
*Saving £921 / US$1,844
*This saving is compared to subscribing separately to each component of the Lyell Collection (excluding VAT )
Rest of World end user
Online + all 2014 print journals / books listed
£5,621.11 (£4,788 + VAT)
*Saving £1,115
£5,086 + VAT (£5,970.96)
*Saving £1,15
£5,086 / US$10,172
*Saving £1,156 / US$2,311
Special Publications and Archival Access
Special Publications 2014 Subscription Prices
Special Publications
UK End User
European Union End User
Online only
Online + print
£2,881 (£2,401 + VAT)
£3,313.03 (£2,822 + VAT)
£2,504 + VAT (£3,004.80)
£2,942 + VAT (£3,453.91)
£2,504 / US$5,007
£2,942 / US$5,884
VAT Rate
Rest of World end user
Online ISSN: 2041-4927, print ISSN 0305-8719
Archival Access
One-Off Fee
UK End User (VAT 20%)
One-Off Fee
EU End User
One-Off Fee
Rest of World End User
One-Off Fee
Archive 1
£3,630 (£3,025 +VAT)
£3,025 +VAT (£3,630)
£3,025 / US$6,050
Archive 2
£3,630 (£3,025 +VAT)
£3,025 +VAT (£3,630)
£3,025 / US$6,050
Archive 3
£3,630 (£3,025 +VAT)
£3,025 +VAT (£3,630)
£3,025 / US$6,050
Full archive
£9,801.60 (£8,168 +VAT)
£8,168 +VAT
£8,168 / US$16,335
Online First
Online First is a feature offered through the Geological Society’s electronic content platform, the Lyell Collection. It
enables articles to appear online soon after they have been accepted for publication and ahead of the printed
volume or issue. This feature is currently available for Special Publications, Journal of the Geological Society,
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geoscience and Geochemistry: Exploration,
Environment, Analysis.
All articles on the site are in their final PDF format apart from pagination, i.e. they have been accepted for
publication, copyedited, typeset, proofed and corrected.
The Online First release date serves as the official publication date.
Online First offers clear benefits to authors and researchers:
• Reduced lead time between submission and publication
• Access to the very latest articles in the field
• Greater usage and exposure of articles, including earlier citation opportunities by related works
Online First
Lyell Goes Mobile – mobile access for four journal sites
The Geological Society is pleased to announce the launch of brand new mobile sites for four of our journals
The content and layout has been created specifically for viewing on a small screen whilst maintaining full text of
the current issue, archives, table of contents and the look and feel of the full web version.
1. Journal of the Geological Society:
2. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology:
3. Petroleum Geoscience:
4. Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis:
Students and researchers can access these sites from their mobile devices by obtaining a voucher from a
networked computer at a subscribing site and then inputting this voucher code when requested on the mobile
Mobile Vouchers
What is a mobile voucher?
A voucher is a code that will tie your mobile device to your institution’s subscriptions. This voucher will grant you access to protected
content while not on your institution’s network.
The level of access granted will be exactly the same as the institution’s subscription. Each mobile device must be vouched for individually.
Mobile vouchers can be obtained and applied to any mobile device including smartphones and tablets. Mobile Vouchers will work with mobile
websites and mobile apps.
How do I obtain a mobile voucher?
1. Either put your mobile device on your institution’s network, or use a computer that is already on your institution’s network.
2. Visit the ‘obtain voucher URL’ while connected to your institution’s network.
3. Fill out a simple form with your name and email, and submit.
4. The voucher code will appear on-screen and can be sent to your email.
5. You will then have 48 hours to apply this code to your device.
How do I apply a mobile voucher?
1. Visit the apply voucher URL (on or off your institution’s network) with the device you want to apply the voucher to.
2. Type or paste your voucher code into the text field and submit.
3. As long as you perform this step within 48 hours of obtaining your voucher code, it will validate and apply a voucher cookie to your device.
* Mobile App users - you can obtain and apply a voucher for your mobile journal app in one step by going to the settings and tapping on “obtain
a mobile voucher”
How long does a mobile voucher last?
The voucher cookie will last 6 months. If you delete your cookies, you will need to obtain a new voucher for your device.
Geofacets is a web-based research tool that offers access to an extensive database of georeferenced geological
maps. With intuitive features designed for geoscientists working in upstream oil and gas exploration, it enables
users to efficiently and confidently assess a region or basin's geologic characteristics and potential – so they can
drive better business outcomes and recommendations.
Geofacets offers tens of thousands of geological maps and associated information from The Geological Society of
London’s Lyell Collection. Subscribers to both collections will be able to access these maps on the Geofacets
Geofacets-GSL Millennium Edition
Elsevier and the Geological Society of London (GSL) have collaborated to provide GSL Fellows (members) with
a unique opportunity to gain individual access to thousands of geological maps from the renowned Lyell
Collection through the Geofacets platform.
Discover and Download Maps
• 24,000+ maps from the books and journals in the Lyell Collection published from 2000 – present.
• All maps are downloadable, with 16,000+ available as GeoTIFFs for easy integration with GIS and other
• Each map is accompanied by metadata such as geographic coordinates, map surface area, datum and
projection for geo-referenced maps, and more.
• View reference information about the maps and the associated articles
Open Access
GSL is responding positively to the requirements of funding agencies to offer Open Access publishing options to
The Society will continue to publish only high-quality peer-reviewed research outputs but will offer authors the option
to choose either Gold Open Access, where the author pays an Article Processing Charge or Green (repository) Open
Access. Fellows will be able to take advantage of a discount on the Article Processing Fee.
The GSL will respond to the OSTP consultation with federal funding agencies.
Read more about this online here:
Usage reporting: Highwire
Don’t forget you have access to usage reports for GSL journals the Lyell Collection and Special Publications
using the HighWire Administrator Toolbox:
You can generate COUNTER or summary reports, learn how to establish SUSHI feeds and receive notifications by
email when usage reports are available. This is an excellent tool to help you understand your user behaviour.
Open URL Management
Just a reminder that you can add and manage your OpenURL configurations in one location for all your GSL
journals hosted by HighWire. Your OpenURL link resolver will allow you to create links back to your library holdings
in the reference sections of selected journals. This helps your patrons find the most appropriate copy of the article
at your institution.
Visit the High Wire website to manage your Open URL configurations.
For further reading, see “Why OpenURL?” by Ann Apps and Ross MacIntyre, University of Manchester, May 2001
issue of D-Lib Magazine (Vol. 12. No.5, ISSN 1082-9873)
In a bid to make licensing less onerous we do not issue or require the agreement of a formal license for
institutional access to the Lyell Collection, instead we offer you the opportunity to use SERU (Shared Electronic
Resource Understanding) and reduce the time and costs of negotiating licenses for e-resources.
SERU allows us to operate within a framework of shared understanding and good faith... and yet we will provide a
license if your institution requires one.
The GSL Publishing House has partnered with CLOCKSS (Controlled Lots of
Copies Keep Stuff Safe) to ensure that all 26,000 articles available on the
Lyell Collection are stored safely and securely online.
Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society
Now available as part of Lyell Collection Complete 2014
Content includes papers written by Dame Maria Matilda Gordon [née
Ogilvie] (1864–1939), who was most notable for her Doctor of
Science (conferred by the University of London in 1893) - the first in
geology given to a woman, and Charles William Peach (1800–1886),
naturalist, who was awarded the Society's Wollaston Fund in 1859.
Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow
Now available as part of Lyell Collection Complete 2014
Content includes papers by Croll, Geikie, Gregory, Holmes, Lapworth,
McCallien, Thomson (later Lord Kelvin), Tyrrell, Richey et al.
Library Advisory Group
Wanted – Librarians to work with the Geological Society of London
Your opinion counts.
We would like to invite you to join a small group of librarians who will help us improve our understanding of
the challenges you face in the Earth sciences community.
What issues concern you? What do you think about our plans for future publishing ventures? How do you see
the role of the librarian in the changing publishing environment?
We plan to hold occasional “virtual meetings”, email discussions about new products and services and get
together at GSA each year.
Come along to our booth no. 1125 or contact me afterwards if you would like to be involved.
PCG – your local contact in North America
Kim Belleau
Regional Sales Manager
Kim manages product sales and account management in the US and Canada for GSL.
Prior to joining PCG Kim worked at Greenwood Press and with EBSCO’s school library division.
Kim’s understanding of the library community and her in-depth knowledge of the Geological Society enables her
to offer help and advice about the Lyell Collection and SP archives. She will be at Charleston this year and would
be happy to meet those of you who are attending.
[email protected]
Contact details
Neal Marriott
Director of Publishing
The Geological Society Publishing House
Unit 7 Brassmill Enterprise Centre
Brassmill Lane
Bath BA1 3JN
[email protected]
+44 1225 476 401
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