J2 Dependent Funding Requirements

What are the regulations
 Federal regulations state that the J-1 must “possess
adequate financial resources to support any
accompanying dependents” (CFR 62.12(3)) in
addition to possessing “adequate financial resources
to complete his or her program” (CFR 62.12 (2)).
What is a dependent?
 Legally married spouse
 Children up to 21 years of age
Who is NOT a dependent:
 Parents, grandchildren, cohabitating partners
What Stanford requires
In addition to $2500 per month/$30,000 per annum
minimum for the scholar (VSRs must factor in reg
office fees!) :
 Spouse: $600 per month/ $7,200 per annum
 Per Child: $300 per month/ $3,600 per annum
How will departments
calculate the costs
 The funding will be calculated in total program costs
according the J-1’s program start and end dates, not
by the entry and departure of the dependents in and
from the US.
 If adding a dependent, the costs should be
calculated to cover the period from the time the J-2
Ds-2019 is issued until the end of the J-1’s program.
 By using the Dependent Funding Worksheet:
What will the department
attest to
 “I hereby acknowledge that the funding information
provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge and
is sufficient to support both the scholar and –if
applicable- his/her dependent(s).”
Will it take longer to
process a Ds-2019?
 The majority of our scholar requests do not involve
dependents: 60%
 Most of our scholars come with sufficient funding to
support themselves and a couple of dependents: 30%
 For those that do not, additional funding must be
requested. Only then can the department proceed with
the Initial, Extension, Transfer or Add Dependent
requests. In these cases, there may be delays: 10%
 Bechtel will minimize delays by adding staff to handle
questions and issues that will arise as a result of the
implementation of this requirement.
3 tips for workflow
2. Postdocs with more than 2
3. Add Dependents
Tip #1--Extensions
 Extension screen in workflow does not show if a
scholar has dependents
 Please consult the hardcopy Ds-2019s
 Calculate based on the number of months of the
period of extension
Extension screen
Tip #2--- Postdocs
 The minimum postdoc salary at Stanford ($43,932-- as of
October, 2013) will already cover the dependent costs for
a spouse and one child (=$40,800, 2 children would
require $44,400-- $468 short in minimum salary). Most
postdocs will have sufficient funds to cover costs for their
dependents, if any.
 If a postdoc has more than two dependents and is
earning this minimum salary, the financial section of their
Ds-2019 will need to be updated with personal funds.
 No personal funds section in workflow for postdocs
 Place personal funds in “Comments” Section
Postdoc screen
Tip#3—Add Dependent
 This is used to request dependent DS-2019s after the
J-1 DS-2019 has already been issued
 If Scholar does not show enough funds on current
Ds-2019 to support dependents, then an “Update
Funds Without Extension” request must be
submitted first
 When the financial section on the Ds-2019 shows
sufficient funds, then submit Add Dependent
Case study #1
Raul from Mexico
 Raul is a professor from Mexico who is coming
for 1 year with his wife and three children under the
age of 21.
 Raul’s university is giving him a sabbatical salary of
$55,000 for the academic year.
 Does Raul have enough financial support for the
Raul’s funding
 What do I do now?
 Nothing. Submit the Initial Ds-2019 request for Raul
and his family.
Case study #2: Reiko from
 Reiko is coming as a
Visiting Student Researcher for 12 months
 After six months, she and her husband missed each
terribly so they decided that he would come for the
remaining 6 months.
 Reiko originally submitted $47,088 for her 12 month
 Does she have enough financial support to add her
Reiko’s funding
What do I do now?
 Reiko needs to submit $3600 more in financial
support to the department.
 But before her husband can be added as a
dependent to her record, the department must
submit an “Update Funds Without Extension”
 Once that Ds-2019 has been process, the “Add
Dependent” request can be submitted.
Case study #3- Bertrand
from France
 Bertrand is a postdoc who first came over
two years ago initially with his wife Juliette and
his baby Delphine
 Betrand is paid $46,000 a year from Stanford
 A few weeks ago, his wife returned to France and had twin
baby boys, Pierre and Francois.
 Now Bertand needs to request new Ds-2019s for his twins and
request an 8 month extension to finish up his work in the lab.
For the additional 8 months, Bertrand will only make 66% of his
annual salary of $46,000, which is $30, 360
 Does he have enough financial support for his two new
dependents and an 8 month extension?
Bertrand’s funding
 What do I do now?
 Bertrand must submit $1640 in personal funds. When
the evidence of support arrives, enter the amount in
“comments” section of Extension request which will
be added to his total financial support total.
How should we contact the I-Center
if we have questions and problems?
 [email protected]
 Link to the Dependent Funding worksheet:
 http://icenter.stanford.edu/docs/scholars/J2Funding%