International Student Webinar & Chat Session I

Reciprocity International
Student Webinar & Chat
Friday, December 19, 2014
Today’s Agenda
1. Obtaining your COE & the SEVIS I-901 Fee
2. Applying for your student visa
3. Arrival in the United States
4. All about Riverside
5. Settling In
6. Calendar of Events
7. IPAs and International Student Resources
8. Contact Information
9. Question and Answer
Obtaining Your Certificate of
Eligibility (DS-2019)
The International Student Resource Center issues DS-2019s
for incoming J-1 students (unless sponsored by Fulbright).
Make sure to submit all required documentation to the
appropriate office. Note that you may be required to
submit original documents upon arrival.
Your academic department will mail your DS-2019 to you.
SEVIS Fee/I-901
•First time studying in the U.S. 
Must complete I-901 and SEVIS fee
•Complete the I-901 and pay $180
(J-1) fee at AFTER
receiving form DS-2019
•Print your receipt. You will need
it for your visa interview. It is also
recommended to bring a copy
with you when you first enter the
Applying for Your Student Visa
• May view appointment wait times and general
information at
• Complete the DS-160 application form. Use caution when
completing interactive form.
• Contact your local consulate/embassy for an
• Follow the instructions provided to you from that specific
consulate. Not all posts work the same way. You may
have a separate biometric appointment.
• If you wish to change your status in the United States,
please contact the ISRC at [email protected]
Applying for Your Student Visa
• Passport (at least 6 months
remaining and 3 blank visa
• DS-160 confirmation page
• Visa fee receipt(s)
• SEVIS fee receipt
• Original form DS-2019
• Passport photos
• Proof of financial ability
• Letter of admission
• Documents showing “ties”
to your home country
If you have studied in the U.S.
• Transcripts, certificates or
good standing letters
• I-797 approval notice if you
have changed your status in
the U.S.
Make sure to review
consulate/embassy website for
any specific requirements!
Education USA Pre-Departure
EducationUSA is an organization sponsored by the U.S. Department of
The International Student Resource Center suggests attending a PreDeparture Orientation Program to assist you with any questions or
concerns you may have about the departure from your home country to
the United States.
Visit this link to find out when and where Pre-Departure Orientations will
be held in your home country:
Arrival to the U.S.
• International Student Check-In and Document Review is
Monday, January 5th at 5:00 PM.
(Refer to your pre-departure PDF for further details.)
• If you have an initial attendance DS-2019, the earliest you
may apply for entry to the U.S. is December 6th, 2014 (30
days prior to your start date).
• If you have a transfer pending DS-2019, you are not
restricted to the 30 day rule.
What to expect at the Port of Entry
•At a primary inspection booth, a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer will
ask you questions to verify your documents, examine your luggage and determine
whether to admit you into the United States.
•Some of the questions a CBP officer may ask include the following:
•The purpose of your visit to the United States
•How long you plan to visit
•Where you will be staying
•If you have the means to support yourself financially in the United States
•If the documents you present match the purpose and intent of your visit
•If the CBP officer cannot readily verify your information or you lack the required
documentation, the officer may direct you to secondary inspection. Secondary
inspection is a detailed inspection to determine admissibility. It allows the CBP
officer to conduct additional research to verify information.
What to expect at the Port of Entry
How can I prepare for my entry?
There are a few ways you can prepare for entry into the United States:
Make sure you have a valid passport, a signed Form DS-2019, visa (if required) and
evidence of financial support. Do not put these documents in checked baggage.
Do not bring any restricted items. (Please see CBP’s website for a list).
Carry the contact information for the International Student Resource Center.
Visit CBP’s website at to learn more about travel
resources for international visitors.
Retrieving your I-94 card
What is an I-94?
The I-94 is the Arrival / Departure Record, in either paper or electronic format, issued
by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer to foreign visitors entering the
United States. The I-94 is very important, as it verifies the visa status in which
you have entered the U.S.
To retrieve your I-94
you must go the CBP’s
website at
You will need the
following information to
retrieve your I-94 
How to Get to Riverside
We recommend that new students use Super Shuttle, as it is a convenient, easy and safe
method of transportation. Super Shuttle: Toll Free: 800-258-3826
From Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
•Super Shuttle provides a 24-hour service directly from LAX to UCR at a cost of approximately
$77 for one person (shared ride van service at $9 each additional person). A reservation must
be made 2-3 days before arrival. Super Shuttle requires payments with credit cards or cash.
•To call for your van, after claiming your baggage, go to the center island towards the orange
sign that reads “Share Ride” and give your confirmation number to the Shuttle Representative
wearing a blue cap and jacket.
From Ontario International Airport (ONT)
•Super Shuttle provides a 24-hour service directly from Ontario Airport to the Riverside’s
Campus at a cost of approximately $39 ($9 each additional person). A reservation must be
made 2-3 days before arrival. Super Shuttle requires payment with credit card or cash.
•To call for your van, after claiming your baggage, you can use the courtesy phone to call #2897
to speak to a Super Shuttle agent or you can go directly to the right end of the center island.
Look for the sign that reads “Transport Service” and give your confirmation number to the
Shuttle Representative wearing a blue cap and jacket.
All About Riverside!
• City of Riverside, about one
hour from Los Angeles
City Size
• Population of about 303,871
• Museums, concerts, dining and
outdoor activities
All About Riverside!
Outdoor Activities
• Hiking in Mt. Rubidoux and the
• California State Citrus Park
• Skydiving and other activities in
Lake Perris
Cultural Activities
• Sweeney Museum of Art
• Riverside County Philharmonic
• California Riverside Ballet
All About Riverside!
Seasonal Activities
• Festival of the Lights (Winter)
• Restaurant Week (Fall and Spring)
• Riverside International Film
Festival (Summer)
• Downtown Art Walk (1st Thursday
of the month)
Housing in the U.S.
• Contracts and leases are
binding documents. It is
important to read and
understand the details of
a contract or lease prior to
signing it.
• There may be strict
penalties associated with
cancelling a contract or
UCR offers campus apartments and
family housing options. Spaces fill up
quickly! You may view housing
options at! Questions
may be sent to [email protected]
Health Insurance & Immunizations
•Insurance coverage for incoming international students in J status will
begin on January 2, 2015.
•We recommend you purchase short-term insurance to cover you prior to
January 2nd if you will arrive early.
•Insurance is mandatory; your student account will automatically be billed
unless you complete and qualify for a waiver.
•There are currently no other immunization requirements, however, we
recommend you bring a copy of your immunization record with you to the
Health insurance waiver information and the UCR immunization form may be
viewed at
Paying Your Fees
You must bring enough money to pay University fees (tuition, fees, and health insurance) movein costs for housing and other expenses. You can find more information on university fees at
To pay online:
American Express
To pay at Student Business Services:
Traveler’s checks
Cashier’s check/money order (U.S. account)
Personal check (U.S. account)
We recommend bringing traveler's checks in U.S. dollars. For other expenses credit cards will be
very useful. Do not bring a check or draft in foreign currency, even from a non-California
bank, since access to your money will be restricted for up to one month until the check is
cleared. This is also true for any wire transfers as you will not have immediate access to
the money.
“Late” fees are not charged for your first quarter of enrollment. This is a one time occurrence.
Winter quarter fees must be paid in full by the end of the third week, or your student
status will lapse and you will be dropped from your classes.
Settling In: Bank Accounts & Cell Phones
There are three banks within 1 mile
from UCR.
• Bank of America, 1680 University
Avenue 951.686.2590 (ATM on
• Citibank West FSB, 1651 University
Avenue, 951.787.0411
• Chase Bank, 1299 University
Avenue, 951.782.8805 (ATM on
The Campus also has ATMs for the
following banks:
• Wells Fargo
• Schools First
There are three cell phone
companies located within 1 mile
from UCR.
• T-Mobile, 1200 University Ave,
University Village, 951.684.5478
• Metro PCS, 1788 University Ave,
• AT&T, 3977 Chicago Ave, Ste.
100 951.374.0270
The International Peer Advisor (IPA) Team will
schedule trips to set up bank accounts and
cell phone service.
Settling In: Stores for Groceries & Personal Needs
Important Dates
Friday, January 2
Insurance coverage begins
Sunday, January 4
Residence halls move-in day
Monday, January 5
Mandatory Student Check-in and Document Review
Mandatory Student Orientation
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
International Student Resource Center, University Village Suite 204
Your academic department may offer additional orientations and events.
Make sure that you attend all mandatory events.
Check-In & Document Review
Monday, January 5, 2015
5:00 PM
•International Student Personal
Record Form
•UCR DS-2019 (Make sure to
sign it!)
•Any previous DS-2019’s
•Visa Stamp
•I-94 print-out or card
International Student Resource Center
University Village Suite #204
Refer to your pre-departure
PDF for further details!
International Peer Advisors (IPAs)
Every year we have a group of
dedicated students volunteering to
help you.
You will be able to meet our Peer
Advisors at Orientation.
You may connect with the IPA team
and other incoming students by
joining the IPA Facebook page by
looking up:
UCR International Students + IPAs
International Student Resources
•Regulations & maintaining status
•Cultural adjustment
•Intercultural communication
•Employment options
•Navigating governmental &
campus procedures
•Building positive relationships
•International Peer Advisors
•Global Connections Partners
•Friendship Families
•Exploring Southern California
•International Game Night
•International Spouse &
Partners Program
Important Contact Information
[email protected]
•International Student Orientation
•Issuance of DS-2019
•J-1 Visa acquisition
[email protected]
•Campus housing options
•Housing contracts
•Class registration
•Departmental Orientations
•Mailing of your DS-2019
Thank you for attending this webinar
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