The Contextualization of E

The Contextualization of E-books
Part 1: Are your choices in line with your goals?
Scott Warren
Ebook Working Group - 2011
• Mary DeCarlo – Education and Mathematics Librarian
• Tasha Cooper – Social Sciences Bibliographer
• Scott Warren – Head of Collections
• Thea Atwood – iSchool Student, Escience Fellow
Questions before getting into ebooks
Do you need space?
Do you want to duplicate some of your collection?
Are your patrons out of the office/workplace a lot?
Is your content rapidly changing or do you want titles in
• Who are your primary patrons?
• Can you afford to experiment?
– Will this funding take away from other purchases?
• Which platform(s) offer the best usability?
• Can you get good statistics and if so, which one(s) count?
• Discoverability – ebooks are invisible otherwise
But first…
• Do you buy directly or via a middle layer (YBP,
for instance?). Or do you rent?
• Can you select at the firm order level? Or just
• What kind of license do you need? Is a clickthrough OK for you?
• What kind of DRM applies?
• Platform fees? Each is not too bad, but start
adding them up!
How do we navigate?
From Original photo by Anthony Waltham
Some of the ebook sets SUL has
Our goal was to expand buying by the
• For 3 years only NetLibrary. But only a few
hundred had been bought and no one was
thrilled by the platform, or the 155% markup
• This has greatly changed with EBSCO’s
purchase of NetLibrary. Price inline with
What we accomplished
Librarians can order ebooks via GOBI (YBP) from two large ebook aggregators
Firm order ebooks at the individual title level can be purchased, via GOBI, from the following
publishers on their own platforms (rather than either NetLibrary or Ebrary):
Cambridge Univ. Press Online
CQ Press Online
Duke Univ. Press
Elsevier ScienceDirect
Gale Online
IGI Content Online
Palgrave Online
Sage Online Content
SpringerLink (packages only)
Our policy (or lack thereof)
• No preference has been established for
subject librarians when buying books
• Exceptions
1. reserve requests are ordered as Ebrary MUPO if
it exists
a. Unlimited users worth surcharge
2. Requests for visually impaired students that
would have been ILL’d bought as ebook if
• No, we aren’t interested, but…
• Books 24x7
– Engineering
– IT
– Health and Wellness
Sample list of new ebooks 6/28/10
Industry research using the economic census
Albright's chemical engineering handbook
CRC handbook of modern telecommunications
Handbook of mechanical engineering terms
Handbook of plant-based biofuels
Handbook of water purity and quality
Nuclear engineering handbook
Renewable energy focus handbook
Springer handbook of automation
Developing students' statistical reasoning
Forensic entomology
Rick Rubin
Beginners guide to R
Encyclopedia of forensic sciences
Hidden Markov models for time series
Software for data analysis
Structural equation modeling with AMOS
Advances in hospitality and leisure: Volume 5
A comprehensive guide to factorial two-level experimentation
Grow from within
Encyclopedia of alternative investments
Property derivatives
Direct store delivery
Sample list 1/23/12
Design of Wood Structures
Chemical Product Design
Handbook of Chemicals and Safety
Anthropology, Politics and the State
Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators
Biomimetic Organic Synthesis
Lattice: Multivariate Data Visualization
Fundamentals of Practical Environmentalism
Encyclopedia of Invasive Species
Growth Factors and Their Receptors
Body Image: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention
Children of Substance-Abusing Parents
Humiliation, Degradation, Dehumanization
Polymer Thin Films
Polymers, Liquids and Colloids in Electric Fields
Understanding Soft Condensed Matter Via Modeling and Computation
Affective Turn
Criminal Profiling
Cybercrimes: A Multidisciplinary Analysis
Cyberforensics Understanding Information Security Investigations
Forensic Laboratory Handbook Procedures and Practice
Global Cybercrime Industry Economic, Institutional and Strategic Perspectives
Building Nonprofit Capacity
Encyclopedia of African American Popular Culture
Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Advancing Excellence and Public Trust in Government
African Re-Genesis: Confronting Social Issues in the Diaspora
Coexistence and Cultural Transmission in East Asia
Enhanced Ethnographic Methods
International Politics and the Environment
Learning and Cognition in Education
Methodological Issues and Practices in Ethnography
Research Methods in Politics
Security Strategies in the Asia-Pacific
Surface Tensions: Surgery, Bodily Boundaries, and the Social Self.
Principles of Nano-Optics
Understanding Common Core State Standards
Chemistry Companion
Crime and human rights
Essential Biochemistry for Medicine
Anthropology of Absence
An Aggregator Case Study: Ebrary 1
ebrary is excited to announce the availability of brand-new Starter Packs for 2011, which make it easier and more
affordable for you to purchase the most essential e-books from leading publishers in 25 high-use subject areas!
Starting at just US$1,800, these packages may be purchased in their entirety at a discount, or used as selection
tools for individual e-books from Elsevier, McGraw-Hill, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis, and other leading
publishers. Best of all, titles are not available in any of our subscription products, including Academic Complete™,
or Starter Packs from 2010 and earlier!
Business & Economics
Career Guides
Child Development
Climate Change & Green Energy
Computers & IT
Engineering & Technology
History & Political Science
Interdisciplinary & Area Studies
Language, Literature & Linguistics
Law, International Relations & Public Policy
Ebrary 2
Life Sciences
Nursing & Allied Health
Physical Sciences
Psychology & Social Work
Religion, Philosophy & Classics
Sociology & Anthropology
Sports & Recreation
Veterinary Medicine
Supplement your Starter Packs with more than 1,200 newly added e-books in all subject areas from our growing
catalog of over 226,800 perpetual access titles, many of which are also available for Patron Driven Acquisition
(PDA). You may buy access for any number of users, and there is never a check-out period!
Best of all, for every new US$5,000 order—subscription, perpetual access or Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)—
through March 31, you may choose a micro-collection that will be subsidized by ebrary for two years. The average
list price of these micro-collections exceeds US$5,000, and none of the titles will be available in our subscription
products during the free access period.
Ebrary 3
• ebrary has a hosting fee, unless
– the customer subscribes to a subscription collection
(Academic Complete, College Collection or the Subject
– If the library subscribes, the hosting fee is waived.
• Annual hosting fee is 5% of aggregate title purchases,
– subject to a minimum of $250 and
– maximum of $1,500 per annual term, invoiced at end of
term and payable within 30 days.
– Hosting fee billed one year after first perpetual access title
But wait, there’s more!
A Reader is not required to view documents in ebrary, just an internet connection
Titles are accessible on some mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and iPad
Substantially ADA (American Disabilities Act) Compliant including a text-to-speech capability
Growing selection e-books and other titles from more than 425 leading publishers and aggregators
A platform that you can submit your own documents on that can seamlessly integrate with
whatever content you already have!
3 different license models:
1. Subscription - Simultaneous, multi-user access to Growing, Single Publisher, or Custom collections that are
licensed on an annual basis.
2. Perpetual Access - Simultaneous, multi-user or single-user access to customized online book databases
bought as a one-time purchase. We also have perpetual access starter packs that are bought as a collection
and are discounted as a collection OR you can hand select title-by-title
3. Patron driven acquisition – ebrary provides free access to titles of your choice, purchases are triggered
based on real usage by your patrons!
Aggregator Case Study 2: EBL
• Platform Fee: two options for payment.
– Pay as you go = list price of titles plus 10% hosting fee, caps at
– Up-Front Payment = $3000.
• Maintenance Fee:
– Only applies if the library has paid the platform fee in full and
begins one year after the platform fee is paid. Maintenance fees
are $750 but are waived if the library is spending 3K or more per
year on content.
• YBP and EBL announced the launch of a Demand-Driven
Acquisitions Service (DDA) in November 2010.
Aggregator 3: EBSCO/Netlibrary
• In 2011, “all orders will be booked and billed
using the prepaid access fee of 55% of the list
price of each title.”
• Now that is gone! Is a standard emerging?
• And EBSCO is now renting books. So there’s a
big choice for renting too
Licensing details
Details example, part 2
• There are no license requirements for SAGE
unless 8 or more titles are purchased in a
single transaction or a collection is
purchased. In this case SAGE will send the
license out after you place the order.
How many platforms do we pursue?
• Attached is a list of the latest titles from
Greenwood Press, Praeger, Libraries
Unlimited, and ABC-CLIO imprints that have
been added to our ebook collection. Our
current ebook platform has approximately
7,000 titles available. We offer free MARC
records and unlimited user access. Individuals
are able to create their own bookshelves and
add notes for easy referencing.
Elsevier book series
• Several print series changed to e-only
• Backfiles purchased at same time
• Sample titles:
– Advances in Applied Microbiology
– Current Topics in Membranes
Advances in Applied Microbiology
Too many choices?!?
(and I haven’t even mentioned PDA!)
Many choices redux
• Comparing vendors
What we don’t want to end up with!!
Helping patrons make sense of it all!
Questions after getting into ebooks
How do I assess usage?
Do we actually ‘own’ this content?
When is it ‘safe’ to discard print equivalents?
How do I keep moving forward with all the new options?
Who does the actual support work for all of these platforms? Or, how can I keep track of all the myriad
Platform fees. They start adding up.
What about e-readers? Tablets or readers?
What if a company fails?
What is good usage?
Portico ebooks
• In response to both the library community’s evolving preservation needs
and the growth in publisher participation, Portico began separate e-book
and e-journal preservation services on January 1, 2011.
• Portico’s new E-Book Preservation Service, which to date covers
129,781committed titles, mirrors Portico’s current model already in place
as part of its e-journal preservation service.
• To date, most major e-book publishers have specified Portico as a
mechanism for PCA.
• Also includes digital sets,
• But does NOT include books bought via aggregators
What about the 900 lb
• Google books
• Should our older print titles be linked to GB?
• Titles put in storage or w/d
• HathiTrust?
An example from our collection
• Aventures de capitaine Pamphile
– Syracuse catalog : in print
– HathiTrust: online
• Should we link to this? Is it an SU ebook ?
Uses of HathiTrust
• Upcoming discussion on how to most efficiently provide links to eversions of titles we hold and formalize the workflow for doing so
• Items that pose preservation problems found by circulation, ILL,
retrospective conversion projects, and pre-processing.
• Responses to these situations vary, but most will involve putting a
second bibliographic record for the e-version of the title in the
• Then decision on the fate of the print version comes into play and
involves collections – do we withdraw, acquire a replacement, print
a replacement from the e-version, etc.?
SU Usage stats – a year later
• COUNTER BR2 versus everything else
• “items broken out on separate tabs are because
the information isn’t in a format that we could
really combine with the BR2 reports.”
A useful philosophy?
Q: Do you know the difference between education and
A: Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what
you get when you don't.
- Pete Seeger
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