IPCR Orientation

IPCR Orientation
Academic Planning
Candidate Academic Plan (CAP)
Should be completed before your 3rd Semester
 A tool for you to develop an intentional plan of study for your
 CAP can be updated to reflect changes in course selections
CAP Form is available on IPCR Website under academic guide
If you are currently in your 3rd semester or beyond please submit your CAP ASAP!
 Two Year Cycle of IPCR Courses
 Fantastic resource!
 Can be used to plan course selections, develop your concentration,
and complete your CAP http://www.american.edu/sis/ipcr/Academics.cfm
Academic Planning
Concentration (12 Credit Hours)
 Individual focus helps support academic and professional
 Important to be intentional when choosing courses and
IPCR Streams
 Flexible
templates that students can use when building their
 Suggested courses and learning outcomes for sub-fields of peace and
conflict resolution including: human rights, identity and culture, and
peace building
 You are not required to choose an IPCR Stream as your concentration
but they are a good place to look for guidance
Curriculum Changes
For incoming F12 students and
returning students who have opted-in
 Capstone (3 Credit Hours)
SRP with Coursework
Group Project
 Working together with an outside client under the supervision of a
faculty member
 Must apply to and be accepted to participate
 Continuing students must have opted-in to the new curriculum in order to
 Interdisciplinary (not program specific)
 It is important to choose a practicum that furthers your knowledge of
IPCR, and your academic and professional development
 Coordinated by Professor Cowles
 Website with additional details and application information coming soon.
 http://www.american.edu/sis/practica/index.cfm
Curriculum Changes
For incoming F12 students and
returning students who have opted-in
 Beginning Fall 2012, all internships used to fulfill the
professional experience requirement must be registered.
 Internships can be registered either for-credit or non-credit
 Please be aware that internships registered non-credit still
need a completed internship registration form (on grad
advising website)
 All internships (both for credit and non-credit) must be at least
 Prior professional experience should use the Professional
Experience Certification Form. *Please check with me if you
have questions about eligibility*