but this does not prevent us to prepare visa to Germany for our clients!

Visa in Germany. Requirements Consulate has grown enough to applicants - but
this does not prevent us to prepare visa to Germany for our clients!
Our services 4450 R. Taxes and
insurance now have to be paid
separately at the current
exchange rate of the relevant
currency ( Euro).
We are ready to help you
package visa*:
Treatment (urgent)
*Tourism in Germany if you have
paid at now.
Germany is not only short trips. We also assist
in the preparation of National visas to Germany
(stay more than 3 months). Consideration from
25 days now, instead of 1.5 - 4 months.
Insurance. Why insurance with us?
We work with several insurance companies.
We select only the desired risks. You pay for the
insurance - nothing more.
Insurance for traveling abroad.
The real estate.
Civil liability.
From bankruptcy travel agencies.
And much more.
Choose insurance is most
The Schengen area. Time. Discounts.
The term Schengen visa is
very much dependent on
the availability of previous
Schengen visas in the
Offer discounts for
families, partners and
departure adult child.
We are ready to help urgent (urgent processing)
Schengen visas. The term readiness 4-5 days. 2-3
days by appointment.
Permanent residency. Legalization.
We are ready to provide you with a residence permit and permanent
residence in Europe, USA, Canada and other countries of the world. The
options are many, you are in business, entrepreneur, education, ethnic
German repatriates, the purchase of real estate.
Legalization, translation, notarial
certification. Apostille.
Will help you find the right options for your
Dear clients and partners thank you for
your attention. If our information for
you, interesting , useful and if you have
questions, please write, call.
We wish a successful 2015!
Everything will be fine.
And the year of the Goat to blame,
Go hardships finally
Let the happiness flowing to you by the