Why Does 2.0 Matter?

Online Academic Warning Workshop
Academic Warning Defined: Academic Warning
occurs when your cumulative PSU GPA is below a
Academic Warning=Cumulative PSU GPA < 2.0
Why Does 2.0 Matter?
You must have a 2.0 in order to graduate. If you
had all of the necessary credits for a degree but
your cumulative (overall) GPA was below 2.0 you
would NOT be able to graduate.
What Now?
We want to share some
resources for success…..
Having an end goal is critical to success!
• Why are you attending PSU?
• Do you have a career goal?
• How much are you willing to sacrifice to reach
your goal?
What if I don’t have an end goal? PSU can help….
Advising and Career Services (USB 402)
• Visit with a career counselor and get one-onone assistance with a career exploration class
• Take a Career Assessment to learn more about
careers that fit with your personality and
Visit http://pdx.edu/advising-career-services
Career Exploration (UNST 199)
Take a 1 credit class hat focuses on exploring
career options and finding the best career for YOU!
Career Library
Visit the Career Library (USB 402) in Advising &
Career Services and check out books on careers
that interest you
Study Woes? Maybe a Tutor Would
Need Help with Math or Statistics?
Math Department Resources –
• Visit the math department’s website to get upto-date information regarding algebra, calculus,
and statistics tutoring, as well as math computer
lab hours.
• http://www.pdx.edu/math/
The Writing Center (CH 188)
• Get assistance with everything from pre-writing
to revision
• Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to
be enrolled in an English class to use it
• Learn more and schedule your appointment
online at http://www.writingcenter.pdx.edu
Learning Center: 2nd Floor, Millar Library
Come get assistance in the following areas:
• Math
• Statistics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Physics
• World languages
Plus ALEKS placement exam workshops!
Visit the Learning Center website for tutoring schedule:
College Success Assistance – College Success Courses
UNST 199/399 – College Success
• Learn how to be an effect student in every sense
of the word – 3 credit class
• There are several options each term including
classes for:
• Returning Women
• Veterans
• Athletes
• We also offer a weekend course
• For more information on all College Success
courses, please visit the website
Health Issues?
Good physical and emotional health are
critical to your ability to succeed
Center for Student Health And Counseling (SHAC)
SHAC offers health services, dental services and
counseling and psychological services.
Health Services
We are a primary health care clinic offering:
Routine Adult Medical Care
Urgent Care
Lab and X-Ray Facilities
Dispensary Services
Screenings for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's)
Contraceptive Counseling and Prescriptions
Tobacco Cessation
Nutrition Counseling
Wellness Exams such as pap smears (both male and female), study
abroad physicals, Camp Kiwanis physical
• Wellness Resource Center
• Health Education
Counseling Services
Alcohol & Drug Assessment
Crisis Services
Group Counseling
Individual Counseling
Learning Disability and ADHD Assessment
Mindfulness-Based Stress Relief
Online Confidential Depression Screening
Prescription Refill
Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment
Suicide Prevention
Healthy Campus
PSU's Healthy Campus Initiative supports an
ecology of campus wellness while promoting
healthy behaviors and an ethic of care.
Take a Class
Take an exercise class
• Do yoga, Zumba, weight lifting, etc.
• Do something you love that will help you stay
Stress Management
One of the most helpful things for reducing stress is
realizing that there are things you CAN change and
things you CANNOT change.
Worrying about things that you cannot affect (like other
people's actions or the weather) will just cause frustration.
Focus on the things that YOU have power over.
Learn ways to cope with stress. Go to: http://tinyurl.com/psumindful
Laugh: It relieves stress
Find reasons to laugh daily……
….and a little daily affirmation never hurts….
Just some general advice to help you
reach success!
Be aware of important dates and deadlines. Such as
• Last day to drop classes
• Last day to get a refund
• 1st day you can register
If you are using your PSU Google Calendar, you can
add the PSU-Academic Calendar
Print it out. You won’t be sorry.
Talk to your adviser
Know what classes you need to take
Discuss strategies to get back on track
Let them know if you are struggling
Advisers are experts on campus resources
To find your academic adviser, please visit
Talk to your Professor
While it can be intimidating, talking to your
professor is the first step to being successful
• Ask for clarification on assignments
• Let them know when things are going on in your
life that are affecting your ability to succeed
• Keep them in the loop
• Go to Office Hours (they're waiting)
Find a balance
College requires a lot of balancing. You have to
balance school, work, social life, and everything else.
• Manage your time, don't let it manage you
• Don't overload yourself by trying to work full
time and attend school full time
• Create a routine so you have specific times to
do homework
• Don't procrastinate doing homework and
studying for tests
Find a place conducive to studying
A quiet place away from distractions. Like the
library. We have one of those.You can even reserve
study rooms. http://library.pdx.edu/groupstudy.html
Retake a Class
Are you aware of PSU's repeat policy?
• It must be the exact same course number
• Both courses must be taken at PSU (you can't replace
your Math 111 grade with a PCC Math 111 grade)
• Your original grade remains on your transcript but is
NOT included in your GPA
• After your repeated grade has been posted, you will need
to fill out a Notification of Repeated grade form and turn
it into Registration and Records in Neuberger Hall
• This can only be done one time per class
• Only can replace a grade of D or F
Other Helpful Resources
Dean of Student Life
A resource for all students, faculty and staff as they navigate through PSU. Serves
as a reference point for those seeking to resolve issues of concern or advance
initiatives designed to enhance the student experience. http://www.pdx.edu/dos/.
Disability Resource Center
Students with disabilities can receive accommodations to help them succeed.
Women’s Resource Center
Interpersonal Violence Program; Leadership in Action Program; Empowerment
Project; Community; http://www.pdx.edu/wrc/.
Queer Resource Center
The QRC provides and advocates a safe space for GLBTQ students and allies to
meet and socialize on campus. http://www.qrc.pdx.edu/.
How does your GPA affect financial aid?
Federal financial aid regulations require that students receiving financial
aid be monitored for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) every term in
four areas:
Completion Rate
Grade Point Average
Maximum Enrollment Limit
Multiple Withdraws in One Year
PSU has a SAP policy for undergraduate students with 0-45 attempted
PSU credits.
This policy can be viewed at: http://tinyurl.com/psucrdts45less
PSU has a SAP policy for undergraduate students with 46 or more
attempted PSU credits. This policy can be viewed at:
For questions and assistance with Financial Aid,
please visit with a Financial Aid Counselor in
Neuberger Hall or call 503-725-3461. On the web
at http://www.pdx.edu/finaid/
Academic Standing Policy
Academic Warning
Students with 12 or more attempted credits whose
cumulative PSU GPA falls below 2.0 will be placed
on academic warning. A registration hold will be
applied to these students' records until they have
completed a mandatory workshop facilitated by
Academic and Career Services (you are doing the
workshop right now!)
Students on Academic Warning are only able to
take 13 credits each term until they return to good
Academic Probation
Students on academic warning will be placed on academic probation if
they do not meet at least one of the following requirements:
• Raise their cumulative PSU GPA above a 2.0, thereby returning to
good standing
• Earn a GPA for the given term of a 2.25 or above, thereby remaining
on academic warning and subject to the same requirements next
Students on Academic Probation are only able to take 13 credits each
term until they return to good standing.
Academic Dismissal
Students on academic warning will be placed on academic probation if
they do not meet at least one of the following requirements:
• Raise their cumulative PSU GPA above a 2.0, thereby returning to
good standing
• Earn a GPA for the given term of a 2.25 or above, thereby remaining
on academic warning and subject to the same requirements next
Pop Quiz
What is the minimum term GPA you
need to earn to stay on Academic
Warning and not progress to Academic
What is the minimum cumulative PSU GPA you
need in order to be in Good Academic Standing?
That was a lot of information. But please, just be aware
that resources are available to help you succeed. You can
overcome the obstacles you face
Remember, you can do it!
What’s Next?
• Please click on the following link to take your Academic Warning Workshop
Quiz (you will need both your Odin login and your student ID number)
• If you do not have an active Odin account, or have not attended PSU in over
6 months please email [email protected] for the quiz
• Answer the quiz questions (based on this presentation)
• Allow 24 hours to have your hold lifted
• If you are taking the quiz between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, an
adviser will lift the hold on Monday morning
• Go talk to your adviser if you want to discuss your academic standing in
further detail
• Not sure who your adviser is? Find out at
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