Finding trade journal articles in Business Source Premier

Finding trade journal articles in
Business Source Premier
Olivia Olivares
James W. Miller Library
Trade journals and magazines
Written by industry insiders for other insiders.
Feature articles with in-depth coverage and analysis of issues and trends in a
particular industry that would be of interest primarily to persons working
in that industry.
As sources of information for business researchers, trade journals are far
better and preferable to general-interest news magazines like Time or U.S.
News, and more likely to contain useful, industry-specific information than
business news magazines like Business Week or Fortune.
The following is a guide to locating trade journal articles in Business Source
Premier. Other business databases with significant business and trade
journal coverage include ABI/Inform and Lexis-Nexis Academic.
There are a number of ways to search for
trade journal articles in BSP. All depend on
whether you’re looking for trade journal
articles about a particular company, an
industry, or a country.
To search for trade journal articles on a
particular company: click the down arrow in
the pulldown menu marked “Select a Field,”
and choose “CO Company Entity.”
For example: if you’re looking for trade
journal articles about Dell, the computer
manufacturer, you might enter “dell” in the
search interface, then specify “CO Company
Entity” in the pulldown menu.
The search results page lists 6552
results for Dell. Note that the articles
all include Dell Computer Corp. as a
subject heading.
On the left side of the screen, there’s an
option to limit the search results by
document type.
When you click “Trade Publications” in the
Source Types menu, the rest of the screen will
gray out. After that, you can click the green
“Update” button to limit your search results to
articles published in trade journals.
The search results are now reduced to
2878 articles, rather than 6552, and all
articles are from journals written for
industry insiders. Titles include Audiotex
Update, TWICE: This Week in Consumer
Electronics, and New Media Age.
Note that the pulldown menu in the initial search
interface also gives you the option of searching by
NAICS number. For more on the NAICS number and
where to find it, review the company research
Please contact:
Olivia Olivares, business research specialist
James W. Miller Library
Saint Cloud State University
[email protected]
(320) 308-4822
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