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Qatar Career Fair 2014
Focal Points’ Meeting
November 20th, 2013
QCF is an annual national event organized by:
Qatar Career Fair Facts & Figures
7th Version (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, coming
Average overall exhibitors:130 per year
Average overall visitiors:60,000 of which around 65%
Qatari youth
5584 Career Opportunities offered in QCF 2012
QCF Vision
To reassure Qatari citizens by helping provide job stability
and career development, so that their capabilities and skills
can be utilized in a competent and efficient way in different
work sectors in the country.
QCF Mission
To create awareness amongst Qatari youth about the
education, employment, training and career development
opportunities that are available in different sectors of the
country, to help guide them through these, and to support
work bodies in Qatar in achieving their human resource
plans that will contribute to accomplishing the human
development pillar of Qatar Vision 2030.
The QCF 2014
Communication Campaign
The Sponsorship Packages
Qatar Career Fair provides opportunities exclusively to
exhibitors to sponsor the activities and competitions
which will run alongside Qatar Career Fair 2013.
These are:
• Sponsoring the Activities Theatre
• Sponsoring the Workshop and Courses Hall
• Sponsoring the Internet Lounges
• Sponsoring the Visitors’ Brochure
• Advertising within the Visitors’ Brochure
• Sponsoring the Photography Competition
• Sponsoring the Career Story Competition
• Sponsoring the Search for Information Competition
• Sponsoring the Volunteers Training Program
Logo of the Fair
In the event of the use of the Fair’s logo by any of the exhibiting
entities, a high quality reproduction must be used in all advertising and
media materials used for the purposes of advertising publicizing its
participation in Qatar Career Fair 2013. The size of the logo of the
participating entity must be equal to that of the Qatar Career Fair logo.
All participating entities can download the high resolution Qatar Career
Fair logo, in addition to other materials carrying the Fair’s trademark,
from the Fair’s website:
Logo of the Fair
All of the entities participating in the Fair are invited to promote
the Fair on their websites and by other forms of media.
Any advertising/media materials, such as press releases, must be
sent by email to [email protected], for approval, at least
one week prior to the date of its publication or use.
All advertising/media materials and methods used, and
arrangements for joint agreements, must be in keeping with the
aims, spirit and morals of Qatar Career Fair as viewed by those
organizing it. They must be in good taste and of high quality.
Photography is not permitted during the Opening Ceremony.
During the days of the Fair the participating entity's photographer
must carry a "Photographer" pass. This can be obtained before
the days of the Fair only after the participating entity has
submitted to QCF their personal information.
The participating entity is held entirely responsible for any
photographs that may be deemed inappropriate, and that do not
comply with the cultural values of Qatari society.
Photography is also permitted for journalists holding personal
media passes from their companies.
QCF 2014 Villages
Qatar Career Fair is divided into 4 villages:
Energy and Industry
Business and Finance
Education, Health, Sports and others
Stand Area
QR 750,000
Length: 10m, Width: 8m,
Height: 6m Open on 4 sides.
QR 500,000
Length: 10m, Width: 6m,
Height: 6m Open on 4 sides.
QR 200,000
Length: 6m, Width: 6m,
Height: 6m Open on 4 sides.
QR 50,000
Length: 6m, Width: 4m, Height:
Open on 2 sides.
QR 35,000
Length: 6m, Width: 4m, Height:
Open on one side only.
Qatar Career Fair 2014
Online Registration
The Online Registration for Qatar Career Fair 2013 is open
From Monday, November 25 to Thursday, December 26, 2013
1. Follow the steps below to fill the registration
A. Send an email for participation to [email protected]
You will get a reply, within two working days, which includes a
link that allows you to create a username and password along
with the registration steps and requirements (see article 2)
Prepare the registration requirements, open the link and start the
registration process after receiving the username and password
Once the registration is successfully achieved, we will send you a
file on your e-mail, including the approved registration form with
the Terms and Conditions. Please print the form, fill it, scan it and
re-send it to Qatar Career Fair’s email: [email protected]
2. Before you start, please prepare the following:
• A clear copy of the company registration ID (PDF); its size must be
less than 5MB
• The entity’s logo in high resolution editable digital form (Ai
Illustrator format); its size must be less than 5MB
For the Diamond, Pearl and Gold categories:
A special profile of the entity in Arabic (in MS Word file
format) as follows:
• Diamond: Do not exceed 250 words.
• Pearl Category: Do not exceed 150 words.
• Gold: Do not exceed 75 words.
Register for participation as an exhibitor (if wishing to
participate as an exhibitor only) or as a sponsoring exhibitor
(if wishing to sponsor any of the activities). Sponsorship
applications will not be received from non-exhibiting
3. The entity will be notified of the availability, or lack of
availability, of the selected package. (In the event that it
is unavailable, it is possible to choose an alternative or to
The entity will be contacted within a week to submit the
invoice and the participation contract with the table of
information and company profile.
The cost of participation/sponsorship must be paid
within ten working days of the date of receiving the
A copy of the contract (signed and stamped) must be
delivered, accompanied by the payment notification, to
the Registration Office.
The entity will be notified of the completion of the
registration process.
In the event of the failure to follow the steps clarified
above within the specified period, the participation
application will be cancelled or obtainment of the
selected package will not be guaranteed.
For more info, please visit
Exhibitors’ Representatives
Each participating entity shall be responsible for the
behavior of its employees and representatives. At least
two people must be allocated to be present within its
stand during the Fair’s working hours. Wearing appropriate
clothing and adherence to overall etiquette is necessary at
all times.
It is mandatory for Exhibitors participating at QCF 2014 to
attend the workshops for Exhibitors’ Representatives.
Important Instructions
The Fair’s Stands
The design must be in keeping with the general
appearance, and reflect the identity of the exhibiting
Qatar Career Fair 2014 has been designed so that it takes
the form of villages. The exhibiting entities will be
distributed according to the nature of their activities.
Participating entities must send their designs to the
General Contractor for approval, and notify him of any
alteration to the design. The General Contractor also has
final approval.
The exhibiting entities must adhere to the times allocated
for installation according to the schedule of timings for this,
avoiding the occurrence of overcrowding during the process
of unloading and installation.
Qatar National Convention Center will make a number of
doors available for bringing in and removing products and
equipment, for use by exhibitors.
Workers employed by the participating entities must obtain
identity cards from the General Contractor to permit them
entry into Qatar National Convention Center and to pursue
their activities.
The General Contractor will be available on the allocated
days to facilitate the process of construction and removal,
and to answer the enquiries of the exhibiting entities.
An office will be allocated to the General Contractor within
Qatar National Convention Center during the period
allocated for the construction and removal of the stands as
well as the days of the Fair.
The schedule for construction and removal stated in this
guide must be adhered to.
10. The entrance to the stand must be unobstructed.
11. For the Silver and Bronze levels, the names of the
participating entities will be written on the stands allocated
to them by the General Contractor.
12. The stand must not be left unoccupied by the participating
entity, during the Fair’s official opening hours.
13. No food or drink must be consumed in front of the visitors.
14. Personal effects must not be left within the stand after the
end of Fair’s opening
15. Promotion within and outside of the stands by distributing
gifts, attaching promotional materials or organizing
competitions is prohibited.
16. Staging promotional campaigns for the purpose of
persuading visitors to sign contracts or to offer education,
employment, training or development opportunities is not
17. The use of electric cycles outside of the stands is
18. Bringing aquariums into the Fair is prohibited.
19. Permitted hospitality includes dates, water, Arabic coffee
and chocolate only.
20. Children below the age of 12 will not be permitted to
enter the Fair.
The General Contractor will provide an area within each of the
prepared stands allocated for the purposes of storage of the
materials used during the Fair, such as publicity materials,
booklets and so on, in an approximate area of length: 1.5m;
width: 1.5m; height: 2.5m. Any participating entity constructing
a stand to its own design must incorporate a place for storage
within the area allocated to it.
Fire and Safety
The design of the stands must not block the emergency
exits, the fire extinguishing tank locations, or the fire alarm
All of the materials and fabrics used must be nonflammable.
Preparation of tea and coffee is not permitted inside the
Fair. Hot beverages must be prepared elsewhere before
entering the hall, ready to serve.
Liability for Damage
It is strictly prohibited for any participating entity, itself or by
means of its hired contractors, to make any amendment or
alteration to the facilities of Qatar National Convention Center.
This includes but is not limited to a prohibition on piercing
holes in the floors and walls of the Centre, inserting nails and
fastening screws, and affixing publicity materials or placing
adhesive on the floors and walls of the Centre.
Any participating entity which effects such damage itself or by
means of its contractors undertakes to bear the consequences
and fines for this damage imposed by Qatar National
Convention Center, at its own private expense.
The Fair shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the
participating entity or its contractors.
Bringing in and removing elements and equipment
Please read and abide by the schedule of timings. Bringing
equipment or materials into, or removing them from, the
stands will not be permitted during the times allocated for
Representatives of the Participating Entities
Each participating entity shall be responsible for the
behavior of its employees and representatives. At least
two people must be allocated to be present within its
stand during the Fair’s working hours. Adherence to
appropriate attire and overall etiquette is necessary at all
It is mandatory for all Exhibitors participating at QCF 2013
to attend the communication etiquette workshop as
detailed earlier on page
Sound level
The sound level broadcast from the stands used by any
entity participating in the fair must not exceed the
level of decibels permitted by the General Contractor.
Each participating entity undertakes to submit to the
General Contractor a valid document of insurance
against damage to a value of 1,000,000 Qatari Riyals,
before it will be permitted to construct the stand.
General Services
Car parks
Daily exhibitors’ luncheon is served from 12:30 pm to
3:30 pm based on food coupons, given to the
participating entities on the basis of the selected level
Internet service: Qatar Career Fair has formed an
agreement with the telecommunications company,
QTEL, to strengthen the wireless reception
Cleaning: each participating entity must undertake
the cleaning required within the internal area of its
stand, in direct coordination with Doha Exhibitions
Centre’s cleaning company, or the General Contractor.
Electricity service: all stands are fitted with an electricity
connection. In the event that an increase in the power of
the cable is desired, coordinate directly with the General
First Aid Team: an integrated medical team will be
present throughout the period of the Fair in the First Aid
Room. There is also an ambulance in case of emergency.
More details on the preparation and construction of
stands can be obtained from the Stand Construction
Guide, which will be distributed by the General
QCF 2014
Activities and Events
• Qatar Career Club
• Open Day
• Istathmer
• Career Village
• Volunteerism
• Competitions Courses and Workshops
• Programs
• Awareness Kiosks
Qatar Career Club
• establishing a network for all interested individuals,
especially the youth, to participate in career related
• creating new career concepts and correct the existing
• activating the communication between the different
segments of society in supporting a culture of planning
and development for the young generation.
• Leadership and Responsibility - Initiative and Excellence Innovation and Perfection - Continuous Improvement –
Respecting Time - Commitment to our Identity
Open Day 2014
• The Open Day aims to bring awareness to our target audience, aged
16-26 on the concept of career planning & development and how to
benefit the outmost from their visit during QCF 2014.
• It is also aimed at others such as parents, career specialists and
schools, colleges and other organizations.
Estathmer 2014
The focus of Estathmer 2014 will be to showcase
entrepreneurship as a career choice and aid Young Qataris who
run a new business or want to start their own, by providing
them with logistical and financial support in addition to media
A. Existing Businesses:
• Select 10 existing businesses to showcase their business
and products at the career fair.
B. New Ideas:
• This part of the competition focuses on those with new
ideas who have yet to setup.
• Applications submissions on QCF website from
November 25th to December 31st 2013
Conditions for participation
• The applicant must be a Qatari citizen (owner/co-owner of the
business or idea)
• Age between 20 and 35 years old .
Benefits for the winners
• All the selected participants will be given booths at the
“Estathmer Souq”, a designated area at the Fair which focuses
only on new businesses. They will be allowed to showcase and
market their products and services.
Courses and Workshops
• Workshops for the Fair’s public visitors before and during
the Fair:
These workshops aim to provide training courses to the
audience including how to prepare and benefit from the
Fair. It also includes workshops on how to preparing CV’s
and how to pass an interview.
• Workshops for volunteers:
These workshops aim to train all volunteers. It includes
workshops about skills of Public Relations, customer
service, project management and team building. This is in
order to help them organize the Fair and its events.
On the sidelines of Qatar Career Fair 2014, competitions will be held for
students as one of the activities of the Fair. It includes the following:
This competition gives the amateur photographer the
opportunity to show their abilities and take photos of
people at work its expression of ambitious careers now
and in the future. To reflect professional life of Qatari
Search for
This competition lasts for 5 days, where the sponsoring
party will allocate questions daily where the visitor will
seek their answer by visiting the sponsoring party's stand.
There will be 10 winners per day. QCF will take care of the
printing and hand out the questions to visitors.
Awareness Kiosks
The goal is to provide an opportunity to non profit organizations to
communicate with society and introduce its non profit programs which
benefits society. There will be 10 awareness kiosks available at the Fair.
Career Village
The Concept
• We are bringing the real environment of each field to the
students and the trainees in order to give them a clear
vision of the professional career world and what kind of
challenges that may face before choosing their majors.
1. All students will identify their interests, skills, and personality by
completing psychometric tool ( Tamheed ) and the advising session.
2. The students will understand and learn about the major and the field
that related to their ambition ,and they will choose their career path upon
real experience.
• The simulation will be in two different parts:
• In this step students will observe and learn about the specific job
roles, and having the chance to ask questions
• In this part students will experience the specific career by using the
tools and have the chance to live the job as it is in reality.
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