• EAT Project Overview
• Policy 95 Review
• Access Termination Process
– How it works and what you need to know
• Email access and Notification Process
• Importance of HR PAF Paperwork
Hiring Employees
Terminating Employees
Guest Users
Dual Employment
• New Reports Overview
• Background
– WCU received an Institutional Audit comment
regarding termination of access to systems
– State Auditor’s review based on ISO 27002 which
• Immediate termination of access upon severance or
leaving employment
– A team was formed to address the audit comment,
identify a new process and automate account
termination within 24 hours of separation
– Employee Separations = Access Terminations
EAT Project Process and Scope
• The Process of Employee Account Terminations
1. Department to notify HR/Career Services/Financial
Aid/Graduate School of separation via appropriate
separation paperwork.
2. HR separates the employees record accordingly in Banner
3. Automated process will read employee records in Banner
to inactivate accounts on the date provided by the
appropriate separation paperwork.
• Scope: Only addressed access termination
– Granting access was not included in scope
Access still dependent on same procedures (hiring / compliance
paperwork required)
Policy 95 Review
• Changes to Policy 95
– Early access – no change
– Terminations
• Last Work Date = Last day of formal work
• Contract Dates = Contract dates must incorporate complete dates that access
is required
• Updated Access Control Procedures Checklist
• WCU’s Office of Internal Audit Review and Perspective
– Accountability: It is the responsibility of each department to provide
timely notification of employment and termination to HR.
Departmental notifications and personnel processing actions are
subject to audit by the University’s Internal Auditor and by external
auditors. As such, the timeframes for compliance rest at the
departmental level.
• For audit reporting purposes - comments will be added to Banner when
paperwork received by HR after separation date.
Account Termination Process
• How this affects you!
– Need of timely notification of Separation to HR/Career
Services/Financial Aid/Graduate School
– Affects all employees
• SPA, EPA Non-Teaching, Hourly, etc.
– Account Inactivation on last work date
• Fixed Term ‘Instructor’ type roles (Adjuncts, Teaching GA’s, Faculty,
etc.) Account inactivation on Contract End Date
– Contract dates for fixed term Faculty employees reflects time for course
fulfillment past last day of class to allow for final tasks to be completed
• Tenure Track Faculty
– Account Inactivation based on individual situation
– Any remaining business after an employees separation date or
contract end date must be facilitated by Director/Department
Head since the employee is no longer affiliated with the
How Account Terminations Effects Employees
• Non Fixed-Term (SPA and EPA) employees
– Last Access date determined by last day of work. Already
managed in Banner.
• Hourly Employees
– Last Access date determined by last day of work.
– If hourly employee not paid in 6 weeks will be reviewed for
• Fixed-Term (Contract Driven) Employees
– Last Day of Access is determined by Contract dates.
– Contract start and end dates have been aligned to match true
work dates in Banner.
Non-Fixed Term Based Employees
SPA, EPA Non-Faculty, Administrative GA’s, and Hourly
No Access
Former Employee
Last Work Date
Last Access Date
Last Work Date = Last Access Date
Last Paycheck
Fixed Term Based Employees
Teaching Employees: Fixed Term Faculty, Graduate TA’s,
and Adjuncts
• No access allowed when not under contract
• Access terminated when not under a contract
No Access
Under Contract
Not Under Contract
Contract End
Dates to use on contracts supplied by HR and Graduate School
How Automated Termination of Access affects
Instructor of Record
• Instructor Record
– Any Instructor of Record association for Faculty,
Adjuncts, and Teaching GA’s will be ‘Terminated’
• Instructor Relationships are Affected
– SIAINST – Instructor role ended for term
– SSASECT – Instructor removed from section
• Department Head will facilitate any questions
regarding students after access is terminated
Fixed Term Contract Renewals
Returning Fixed Term Faculty
(Faculty, Graduate TA’s, Adjuncts)
Provide renewed contracts prior to
termination of prior contract in order
to maintain uninterrupted access
No access unless signed contract, new PAF
and compliance documents on file
Under Contract
Not Under Contract
Contract End
Under Contract
Contract Start
Email Access
• Email will be ‘Terminated’ on Last Work Day
• Email Reminders to Employees Before
– Employees may wish to create an auto-response
to inform others of their Last Work Day and
alternative contact information prior to their last
work date
Hiring Paperwork
• Access granted only after all paperwork is
– Compliance Paperwork
– Contracts
If continuing on future contract, provide HR timely
paperwork (prior to current contract last work date)
to avoid interrupted access
Accountability on department to ensure timely
Termination Paperwork
• Provide paperwork to HR/Career Services/Financial
Aid/Graduate School as soon as possible before last work
• If Termination is ‘last minute’, please call HR to expedite
both employee and access termination
• Reminder - Last work date = last access date
– If paperwork is submitted late to HR and no notification is made
prior to last work date, access will continue past true last work
date. If Account Access is terminated retroactively to the
employee, it may prompt audit questions. Such questions will
be directed to the department for clarification and
Guest Access
Guest Access requests must be approved by CIO http://www.wcu.edu/10616.asp
Affiliate Faculty http://www.wcu.edu/24147.asp
Form on IT web site
Volunteer Form may be required
Approved Guest Access Request Form
Completed Volunteer Form
Completed FERPA Form
If Instructor of record required to have an AA21 completed and approved by Provost’s office
Dual Employment http://www.wcu.edu/12389.asp
For employees of another state department
Copy of completed Dual Employment Form must be submitted with Guest Access Request Form to CIO for IT
access approval
Once approved, access will be granted for up to a 12 month period
Departments should review report to track de-activation of guest user accounts
Reports Demo
• Banner Reports Portal > Administrative Information
• Reports Currently Available
Report Subscriptions
• To subscribe to reports for automated email:
Click on the report link (must do each individual report at a
Click on Subscriptions Tab
Click on New Subscriptions (located directly under tabs in
normal text, point cursor over it until highlighted)
Select options requested
Click ‘OK’
Review frequently for any given department to ensure
appropriate notification and communication efforts are
current and effective
• Provide timely notification and Separation Paper
work to HR/Career Services/Financial
Aid/Graduate School
• Provide timely renewal contracts for Faculty to
– prior to end of current contract in order to continue
uninterrupted system access
• Contact Diana Catley with any questions –
[email protected]
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