How does peer pressure affect change

How does peer pressure affect change?
Carly, Alicia, Olivia
o When the boys first crash land on the island, they find the
conch shell they decide that whoever has it in their hands its
their turn to speak.
o When piggy has the conch shell ,its his turn to talk and the
other boys wont let him speak when he has it.
• “ Do our dance! Come on! Dance!”
• “ I hit him with my spear, I wounded him.”
How do the Quotations Relate to our Big Question?
AFTERMATH by Evelyn Roman Holocaust Survivor
Fifty years after the fact
Painful memories intact
Nightmares recurring,
Nazis appearing.
Must survivors remain
At their altar of pain
Forever enduring
Unspeakable haunting?
And will it subside
On life's other side
Or go on persisting
Into the realm of night?