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M4L 2013 Lesson 12
How to live a good life:
The Meaning-Centered Approach
to Well-Being
© Paul T. P. Wong
• M4L is based on the Meaning Hypothesis that
meaning is the most natural way to achieve
healing and well-being
• Summarize the lessons learned in the Meetup
• Celebrate the conclusion of this course
• Plan for the future
The Objectives of M4L
• To awaken people from the meaningless
existence of everyday busyness and boredom
• To explain the vital role of meaning in our
• To teach people how to make use of their
meaning-making capacity to cope with
negatives and to fulfill their full potentials.
The Objectives of M4L (cont’d)
• To learn how to flourish in spite of fate,
circumstances, and human weakness
• To achieve better mental health through
meaning and communion
Making life better begins with you.
Be the light of the world.
Awaken a sense of responsibility.
Ryff’s Components of Well-being
1. Discover your true self and accept yourself.
2. Don't worry about being accepted by others.
3. Recognize your intrinsic self-worth as a human being.
4. Do the best with what you have, regardless of circumstances.
5. Do your best in helping others with a compassionate heart.
6. Value and make good use of every moment of life.
7. Capture every meaningful moment.
8. Pursue a worthy dream and follow your own path.
9. Rejoice in your uniqueness.
The Pathway of Resilience
Accept the
& enjoy the
Believe in
Commit to
resources &
© Paul T. P. Wong
Feeling Good about Yourself
• Love yourself for your inner qualities.
• Build self-esteem based on your human dignity,
self-respect and inner goodness rather than
possession, position and pretension.
• Measure the worth of your life in terms of what
you have given of yourself.
• Failure for a noble ideal is more honourable
than success through manipulation and
ruthless competition.
Advantages of Meaningful Living
• A higher purpose is essential to well-being
• Everyone has the capacity of meaning-making
• Protects you against adversities and fears
• Avoids the pitfalls of the self-centered pursuit
of happiness and success
• Happiness and flourishing will sneak in
through the back door
The good life is being in the world.
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