“The Scarlet Ibis”

“The Scarlet Ibis”
Vocabulary Words
Imminent (adj.)
About to occur; likely to happen soon
Jarrett’s reckless driving of his four
wheeler made me believe an accident was
Iridescent (adj.)
Shining with shifting
rainbow color
The iridescent sticker
was the top prize in
Mrs. Steinbacher’s
first-grade class.
Vortex (n)
A rushing whirl,
drawing in all that
surrounds it
The tornado-like
vortex raged through
Kansas, destroying an
entire mobile home
Infallibility (n)
The condition of
being unable to fail
Tom’s infallibility in all
academics enabled
him to graduate as
the class
Entrails (n)
Internal organs;
specifically intestines
The deer was
apparently hit by a
fast moving vehicle
and its entrails were
spread across the
Precariously (adv.)
The boys stretched
precariously across
the top of the steep
ledge, frightening all
who passed.
Evanesced (v)
Faded away
Several years after her parents divorce,
Elizabeth’s angry feelings toward her
father evanesced, and she was able to
enjoy his company again.
Careen (v)
To rush carelessly
The car careened
down the highway
until the driver saw
the flashing lights
following closely
behind him.
Doggedness (n)
Mitchell’s doggedness,
when it came time to
his hours of practice,
enabled him to win
the competition.
Exotic (adj.)
Excitingly strange
While most of my
family enjoys
hamburgers and hot
dogs, I enjoy more
exotic meals.
Heresy (n)
An action or opinion
that differs from what
is generally thought
of as right
The heresy of the
church leaders made
the entire
congregation question
their decisions
Invalid (adj.)
Too ill to live a normal
The invalid boy would
be confined to a
wheelchair for the
rest of his life.
Reiterate (v)
Because he was so
tired, Jayden had to
ask the teacher to
reiterate the
instructions three