“To Kill a Mockingbird”


“To Kill a Mockingbird”

Chapter One Vocabulary

Please record the following words and their definitions on your handout (also include the part of speech!)

Assuaged (V): calmed down Apothecary (N): pharmacist Piety (N): religious devotion Methodists (N): a Christian denomination Brethren (N): members of a particular church

Strictures (N): rules Dictum (N): statement Human Chattels (N): slaves Impotent (ADJ): powerless Taciturn (ADJ): very quiet

Spittoon (N): a jar-like container to spit into Unsullied (ADJ): untouched or unused Impudent (ADJ): shamelessly bold Ambled (V): walk slowly and leisurely Repertoire (N): supply

Vapid (ADJ): dull Eaves (N): lower edges of a roof Veranda (N): porch with a roof Picket (N): a pointed pole or stake (that make up a picket fence) Malevolent (ADJ): evil Predilection (N): a preference or liking for something

Corsets (N): tight undergarment worn by women Domiciled (V): a domicile is a home, so where you are domiciled is where you live Beadle (N): a minor city official Scold (N): a person who scolds people Ramrod (ADJ): a rod used to clean a firearm Foray (N): when you make a foray, you go somewhere or do something that is unusual for you