The Possibility of Evil

By Shirley Jackson
 Have you ever wanted to tell someone
something unpleasant in order to help them?
(Ex: Your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on
 Did you tell them? How did you tell them?
 Do you think in situations like this it is right to
tell them?
 Why a character acts as they do
 Ex: Mary ran to the kitchen, grabbing the fire
extinguisher from the hall. Smoke poured
from the doorway.
 What was Mary’s motivation for running to he
kitchen with the fire extinguisher?
 Readers can discover motivation by thinking
 The character’s words, thoughts, actions
 How other characters react to him/her
 In this story, Miss Strangeworth believes she
is motivated by moral principles. We will read
to discover if this is her only motivation.
1. Degraded: adj. corrupted, depraved
2. Infatuated: adj. intensely fond
3. Negotiable: adj. able to be bargained with
4. Rapt: adj. fully absorbed; entranced
5. Reprehensible: adj. deserving blame and
6. Translucent: adj. allowing light to shine
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