A Non-profit Student Exchange Organization
Importance of Youth Exchange
“Exchanges can form a
foundation of understanding
and lasting partnerships, not
just between young people,
but between nations,
between societies, between
Former Secretary Powell with Ayusa Students
- Former Secretary of State Colin Powell
About Ayusa
Our Mission:
To promote global learning and leadership through
high school exchange programs.
• A non-profit educational and cultural exchange
• Headquarters in San Francisco, California
• Established in 1980
• Enabled more than 40,000 students from the U.S.
and around the world to live and study through our
Ayusa Partnerships
Get Involved with Ayusa
Become a Host Family
Study Abroad
Become a Host Family
What is Hosting?
• Ayusa provides international students with the
opportunity to live with American families and attend
high school
• Exchange students live in a wide range of
communities from small towns to large cities across
the U.S.
• Host families offer students the chance to experience
a variety of climates, activities, traditions and
Benefits of Hosting
• Make a difference in the world
• Enjoy a rewarding intercultural
learning experience in your own
• Share your culture with a
student eager to experience life
in America
• Cultivate lifelong global
• Foster an international
perspective in your community
Impact of Hosting
Ayusa Students Have
• Contributed over 1,000,000 hours of volunteer
community service while in America
• Developed lifelong bonds of friendship with their
host families and communities
• Returned with a deeper understanding of the
“real” America and its people
Ayusa Exchange Students
Ayusa Exchange Students
• 15 – 18 years old
• From 75 different countries
• Academic achievers who are
able to speak, read and write
• Participate in community
• Excited to live with an
American family
• Insured, have own spending
Ayusa Scholarship Students
Youth Exchange & Study
Program (YES)
• Awarded to Ayusa in 2003 by the U.S.
Dept. of State
• Created to build bridges of understanding
between the U.S. and countries with
significant Muslim populations
• Students from North Africa, South Asia and
the Middle East receive a full scholarship
to live and study in the U.S.
Ayusa Support
Ayusa provides an extensive network of
local and regional support that will
• Help to find the right student for your family
• Secure placement in a local high school
• Offer guidance and support for host families
and students throughout the year
• Provide 24 hour emergency assistance, should
the need arise
Become An Ayusa Host Family
Contact Ayusa today
• Call 1.888.55.Ayusa
• Visit www.ayusa.org and
meet our students
Study Abroad
Ayusa Study Abroad
• Programs for American high
school students
• Choose from 14 countries
• Academic year, semester, and
summer programs
• Scholarships available
Why Study Abroad?
Get to know another culture
Improve foreign language skills
Increase independence and maturity
Enhance your college application
Make lifelong friends
Have fun!
“Do it. It is totally worth it. A once in a lifetime
experience that really lets you mature and grow while at
the same time allows you to learn about another culture.”
-- Roger, Spain
Why Ayusa Study Abroad?
• Choose from programs in 14 different countries
• Programs range in length from 4 weeks to an academic year
• Over 20 years of experience
• Students and host families in more than 75 countries
• Pre-program orientations
• Assistance in choosing a program
• Ongoing in-country support
• Screen and prepare families and students
• Program fees include domestic and international airfares,
medical insurance
Study Abroad Program Choices
Program Choices
Summer Cultural Immersion
Summer Cultural Exploration
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Academic Year
Summer Cultural Immersion
Experience your host country’s culture in a way that a
typical tourist cannot! Live with a host family, take part in
their daily activities and enjoy a summer to remember.
• Homestay with a carefully selected
local family
• Immerse yourself in local language and
Summer Cultural Immersion
Where can you go?
• France
• Japan
• Spain
Summer Cultural Exploration
Attend language or cultural classes in the morning and enjoy
organized activities in the afternoon; activities range from
salsa dancing and cooking classes, to scenic bike rides.
These programs include:
• Language or cultural classes five days per week
• Homestay with a carefully selected local family or
• Weekday activities 2 to 3 afternoons per week
• Weekend excursions
Summer Cultural Exploration
Where can you go?
• France
• Italy
• Spain
• Costa Rica
• Mexico
• England
• Japan
Semester/Academic Year
• Semester: Attend school overseas and live with a host
family during the fall or spring semester.
• Academic Year: Enjoy cultural immersion while living with
a host family and completing a full academic year (usually
10 months) of studies.
Semester/Academic Year
Where can you go?
• Australia
• Ecuador
• France
• Germany
• Holland
• Ireland
• Japan
• South Africa
• Spain
• Sweden
Partial Scholarships
Available for All Countries
Awards of $200 - $1000
Academic merit,
involvement, financial
Summer, Fall Semester,
and Academic Year:
March 1
Spring Semester:
September 1
Key Club
Awards of $200 - $2000
Member of Key Club
and academic merit,
involvement, financial
Summer, Fall Semester,
and Academic Year:
March 1
Spring Semester:
September 1
Host Family
Awards of $500 Academic
$250 - Summer
For families that host
Ayusa exchange
Within last two years or
while on program
Youth Leader
Application Deadlines
All Countries
Oct 1st
All Countries
Apr 1st
Full Academic
All Countries
Apr 1st
Fall Semester
All Countries
Apr 1st
Visit www.ayusastudyabroad.org for Japan program deadlines
The World Awaits!
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Information 1.800.727.4540
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