QU in Costa Rica, San Jose Spring 2013 January 4th

QU in Costa Rica, San Jose
Spring 2013
January 4th- April 30th
What’s included:
Course taught in English and Spanish
Excursions to Panama, etc.
QU 301 Component (travel to some exotic locations within Costa Rica
Live with a host family for an authentic experience
Much Much more….
Come to an info session on Monday Sept 10th 10-11am, 9-10pm Room SC
Preferred options for business
students to enroll in business
classes overseas.
Ireland: Direct Program at UCC has a Fall Early Start Business Program
worth academic credits. Overview click here
Ireland: University College Dublin Quinn business program.3-4 courses
in business and an Irish History and Culture course. Fall or Spring .
Overview click here.
England/London: Queen Mary University, several business course
options available for Fall or Spring Semester. Overview click here
France: ESC RENNES School of Business Summer and Semester
Program. Please come to the OMGE for more info.
London: Summer Internship Program via Arcadia(program affiliate)
Overview Click here
For further details, please contact OMGE.
Preferred options for communication
students to enroll in communication
classes overseas.
 Westminster University- Courses for all majors within the
school of communication. Overview click here
 City University- Courses primarily available for Journalism
Majors Overview click here
 Queen Mary- Courses primarily available for Film Major’s
Overview click here
 Internship Program via Arcadia (program affiliate) Click here
For further details, please contact OMGE.
Majors with
 HEALTH SCIENCE: Nursing ,OT and PT are eligible to apply to our
Direct Program to Cork, Ireland, or through are Approved Program
Affiliate Australearn at the University of Queensland in Brisbane
Australia… Sophomore, Spring Semester.
 HEALTH SCIENCE: Diagnostic Imaging majors can only participate
in programs during the summer semester. UCD Summer Clinical
Exchange- Contact [email protected] for more info
 Health Science: PA’s are eligible their junior fall semester, please
follow up with your advisor on how to plan for this.
 Liberal Arts- MAT- Restrictions during their Junior Year, due to
school placements.
 Language Courses Abroad: In Barcelona, courses are taught in
Catalan and will not come back as Spanish credits.