Dudley Randall-old

Ben Yanke
Personal Life
 Born in Washington DC in 1914
 Moved to Detroit at a young age
 Married three times
 Began publishing poems when he was 13
 Studied and eventually taught at University of Detroit
Poetry Career
 Poem Counterpoem, with
Margaret Danner (1966).
Cities Burning (1968).
Love You (1970).
More to Remember: Poems of
Four Decades (1971).
After the Killing (1973),
Broadside Memories: Poets I
Have Known (1975).
A Litany of Friends: New and
Selected Poems (1981).
Ballad of Birmingham
 Written in 1963
 Written in response to the bombing of
a black church in Birmingham
 The poem focuses on one of these
children killed in the bombing, and
the child’s mother.
 Eventually, it was turned into a song
by Tennessee State
Ballad of Birmingham
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wW4SLv3jgM
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