ELA B10 Midterm Review 2013

Ethics & Equity Unit Review ELA B10
ELA B10 Midterm Review
Literary Terms/Unit Vocabulary: These will be matching, fill-in-the-blank, or short answer. You
will need to provide an example from one of the texts for some of them (the ones that are
1. Historical documents (EO)
12. Freedom March (Birmingham)
2. Primary evidence (Chinese, 216)
13. Jim Crow Laws (Birmingham)
3. Secondary evidence (Chinese, 216)
14. Imagery (Birmingham)
4. Equity and equality (EO)
15. Irony (Birmingham)
5. Ethics (Ethics handout)
16. Meter (Birmingham)
6. Disenfranchisement (Chinese)
17. Rhyme Scheme (Birmingham)
7. Civil rights (EO)
18. Repetition (Birmingham)
8. Segregation (EO/Chinese)
19. Mood (Birmingham)
9. Memoir (Night notes)
20. Subject of poem (Birmingham)
10. Dystopia (Notes on HG)
11. Ballad (“Ballad of Birmingham”)
Short Answer
Questions like the following.
1. Strategies for reading historical documents (Chinese, 216)
2. Consider people groups who were discriminated against. Why?
3. Given various situations, what is justice?
4. How do disadvantaged people find empowerment?
5. Themes of the texts
Texts to know
1. “Honor” (short story)—People of privilege cannot understand the extent disadvantaged
people will go to retain their honour.
2. “Marigolds” (short story)—People who feel powerless will often assert power by
destroying other people’s happiness.
3. “My Shirt is for Church” (personal essay)—Membership in some organizations is based
exclusively on status more than ability and merit.
4. “Equal Opportunity” non-fiction texts
5. Chinese discrimination documents
6. “He Sits Down on the Floor of the School for the Retarded” (poem)—All people want is
to be loved.
7. “Ballad of Birmingham” (poem). In racist societies, where people exude (are full of)
hatred, nowhere is safe.
8. Hunger Games
9. Night (up to wherever we are on the date of the midterm)
Paragraph question(s): TWO paragraph questions. Refer to texts to discuss ethical
responsibility, inequitable or unjust treatment, etc.