Valentina Tereshkova
By Abby Muro
• Born march 6, 1937 to Present.
• She was born on march 6, 1937 and she’s
still alive! She was born at Yaroslavl region
of Russia. She started school when she
was a baby and her mom didn’t have that
much money to afford going to school.
Who sent the explorer
• She was sent from Russia her country. By
people in NASA.
Where & when the exploration
took place
• She started her mission on june16,1963-
june19,1963. The station was in Baikonur
Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The trip
ended in Pavinskiy collective farm west of
What the explorer did
• Valentina Tereshkova was the first women
in space also to travel around the world 48
times! Plus she's a spokes men now that
she's done traveling in space.
Importance of the exploration
• First my explorer went in space and at the
time she was the first women in space
because only men went in space, till she
came along for the journey.
Map of the exploration route
Picture of earth from space that she took when traveling around the
earth 48 times.

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