The Zagreb Film Studio
By: Christian Hiebner, Brittany Mulligan, and John
Location of Zagreb
Founded in 1953.
Profile of an animated film company.
produced 600animated films.
800 television commercials.
600 educational films.
14 feature films.
Zagreb Members
Ico Voljevica
Vlado Kristl
Zlatko Bourek
Aleksandar Marks
Braca Neugebauer
Nedeljko Dragic
Vjekoslav Kostanjsek
Nikola Kostelac
Dusan Vukotic
Vladimir Jutrisa
Zagreb Trademark
Each author from Zagreb worked on their own
unique style and had their own view on the art of
A long tradition of visual arts that are related to
animated film.
graphic design.
Zegreb Films
the OSCAR-nominated Satiemania (1978) by Zdenko
Gasparovic. The comically violent film is based on the piano
music of Eric Satie, it is a satirical portrait of the city-jungle
with its excesses, the brothels and bars.
Typhus (1963): is a tribute to the dead of WW2. Used powerful
black/white images similar to woodcuts, show the eerie world
of hallucinations caused by typhoid.
The Zagreb films were influenced by the UPA style and
Disney’s or Ward Kimball’s more stylized shorts but still an
influence of modern European art in their designs.
Famous Feature
Professor Balthazar
Created in 1967 by Zlatko Grgic.
An amusing professor who solved various imaginative
A global success.
Other major series
Hound for Hire
Inspector Mask
The Little Flying Bears
Famous Feature
Ersatz (Surogat)
By Dusan Vukotic; a story of a tourist on a beach who
"inflates" an entire village. A passionate love develops,
provoking jealousy, vengeance, and finally tragedy. In the end,
a small nail reminds every one of the artificiality of the world
that has been created.
Oscar Winner for the best animated short film in 1962
1962 Academy Award
1961 First Prize, San Francisco
1962 First Prize, Belgrade
1962 City of Zagreb Award
1962 Special Jury Award, Oberhausen
1963 First Prize and Audience Award, Prague
1971 Special Merit Award, Philadelphia
Zagreb Film received more than 400 awards on festivals
all over the world.
an Academy Award - Oscar for Ersatz (Surogat)
Giannalberto Bendazzi, a highly regarded Italian reviewer
for animated films had 8 Zagreb films in his 1999 list of 88
biggest animated films in the history of world animation
The Zagreb School of Animation.
trademark for top grade and innovative animated films.
Zagreb World Festival of
Animated Films
Stared by Zagreb Film in 1972, and was
organizing it until 1990. Other companies took
over the festival organization, Zagreb Film has
stayed involved
Zagreb Festival is considered one of the four
most significant animated film festivals in the
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The Zagreb Film Studio