Can you guess these celebrities? See how many you get right

Can you guess these
celebrities? See
how many you get
Do you honestly need a clue?
Will Smith
Think “underarms”
Brad Pitt
And the father of the bride is..
Steve Martin
The spokeswoman for the
Oxygen channel...
Oprah Winfrey
From talking babies to Angels
John Travolta
The man from the jungle who
likes to cross-dress is...
Robin Williams
The man who steals planes and
cars in his spare time...
Nicolas Cage
The man who has more weight
problems than Monica Lewinsky..
Eddie Murphy
The woman insulted worldwide
by Eminem...
Christina Aguilera
The son of Light and Dark with a
fetish for water..
Adam Sandler
The man who enjoyed talking
with his hand...
Pee-Wee Herman
His momma always told him life
was like a box of sweets.. or is
that chocolates?..
Tom Hanks
He sank in the ocean, and frankly
he can stay down there..
Leonardo Dicaprio
He’s the one on Speed...
Keanu Reeves
Dis boys got game...
Denzel Washington
This roughneck saved the world...
Ben Affleck
This girl knows what plastic is
meant for...
Britney Spears
This guy has started more fights
than a redneck in a trailer park...
Jerry Springer
This guy grew up to be a cowboy
Kid Rock
This boy is a hot shot...
Charlie Sheen
Is he the good, the bad, or the
Clint Eastwood
This one’s quite the joker...
Jack Nicholson
He is the angel of death...
Matt Daemon
You’ll never guess his future...
Michael J. Fox
She looks good in a gold bikini...
Carrie Fisher
His true feelings are masked with
Jim Carrey
When she’s on watch, guys will
fake drowning...
Pamela Anderson
This picture is his nightmare...
Alice Cooper
Oh my god, she killed Kenny...
Barbra Streisand
He’s whipped..
Harrison Ford
He didn’t include this in the hell
that is his life...
Howard Stern
She hates lawyers, but she works
for them...
Julia Roberts
The smartest Crane that I know...
Kelsey Grammer
He wants you to pay it forward...
Kevin Spacey
She’s in a league of her own...
He’s a millionaire...
Regis Philbin
She likes kids and koosh balls...
Rosie O'Donnel
He didn’t follow the rules of
Samuel L Jackson
This guys name is written in
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Dis boys always in da pound
Snoop Dogg
Watch out for this one, she knows
how to cat fight...
Michelle Pfeiffer
Is he a Psycho?
Vince Vaughn
If you want to be her man you
better walk the line...
Shania Twain
She’s just a little woman...
Winona Ryder
So how many did you get right?
Do you want your favorite celebrity
to be showed on the next
presentation? Just tell Mr. Wadman
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Brought to you by...
Kiran Saujani
Tim Kennedy