Hey André, always been meaning to write you, procrastinating quite

Hey André, always been meaning to write you, procrastinating quite a lot since I got back with other thinks too. I
think it's because at work there was a lot of stuff they just left for me to do when I got back from leave. So it's been a
bit chaotic trying to get everything back on track.
Thanks for the lotto reminder. I have been looking at some sites last week, it seems that the address may have
changed since last time. But I'll check the link you sent to make sure. Also read that they received some 6,2 million
valid applications last year of which 50 000 were lucky. That works out to be a one in 125 chance of being
successful. But it's still better than nothing at all if we do not try! Luckily I have photos left over from last year and
also the template Connie made. I'll send it this weekend. The window period is Oct7 to Nov6. Should make it by
Thanks for everything while we were there by you. Thanks for all the time you took off work for us, taking us to the
lodge (of which we enjoyed every minute), making sure of our flight bookings and all the other stuff like making
food and giving us your room.
So you guys did miss us a bit when you went to the lodge again... no kids to take care of :) Are you guys still
looking to buy?
I have attached a two photos... I'll send some more later.
Take care