Breaking the mould – forming the role for you

Breaking the mould
forming the role for you
Christiane Shrimpton
Associate Specialist in Ophthalmology
Deputy Associate Director of Medical Education
University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation
My presentation covers
 My SAS career
 Development opportunities
 Benefits
 My career added extras
 What I have achieved
My SAS career
 Clinical Ophthalmologist 1995 – 1999
 Staff Grade in Ophthalmology 1999 – 2004
 Associate Specialist in Ophthalmology since 2004
Why SAS was right for me
 More time for examinations
 Job flexibility
 Development opportunities
 MRC Ophth
 FRCS Ed (Ophthalmology)
 Diploma in Medical Informatics
 MSc in Healthcare Informatics
Crossroads Programme
 Career Coaching
 CESR – How to attain equivalence via article 14
 Effective communication skills
 Relationship building for career success – the art of
 Power, influencing and negotiation skills
Other SAS Deanery opportunities
 Presentation skills and business planning
 CV writing and interview skills
 Bursary for Postgraduate Certificate in Medical
Trust development opportunities
 SAS development course – leadership and
 SAS Conference
 Top-up training
 Educator development
Benefits of SAS development
 Clarification of goals
 Confidence to apply for senior posts
 Specialist registration
Where this led me to
 Deputy Associate Director of Medical Education
 Lead for Doctors in Difficulty
 Consultant Ophthalmologist
 SAS right career choice for me
 Excellent SAS development opportunities
 Interesting and fulfilling additional roles