Preaching Passionately


SBLPA February 2014

What is the purpose of preaching?

People becoming more like Jesus  How we think (convictions)  How we feel (character)  How we act (conduct)

Who we are, what we bring

• • • • • • • Our own personalities Inclusive or exclusive Opinionated or open-minded Autocratic or democratic Team-leader or Team-member Logical or artistic Reflective or analytical

• • • •

Who we are, what we bring Our own





Western, educated, task orientated, successful, middle class…

Our own circumstances

Married, single, employed, retired, parent, weary, excited...

What we must bring

• • • A passion for Jesus and his Word is key.

Seek both the truth of the passage and the experience of the Lord in his Word.

This is God ’ s living Word bringing surprises and challenges to our traditional cultural assumptions.

What we must bring

• Living the text emotionally is important.

• Balance the intellectual/analytical with the experiential/reflective.

• • • • • • • • • Types of writings Poetry  History  Law  Prophets  Parables Letters  Narrative  Wisdom  Apocalyptic   Psalms, Song of Solomon, Job Genesis, Kings, Joshua, Judges, Acts Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Numbers...

Isaiah, Malachi, Jonah Prodigal Son, Good Samaritan, Sower Feeding 5,000, Crucifixion Proverbs Daniel, Revelation Romans, Hebrews...

Social gathering No Bible engagement, drinking coffee and chatting. Warm up!

Analytical . Can lead to cold barren analysis Intelligent & Reflective Bible engagement. Warm, engaging and actively practical Reflective . Can lead to warm unfocussed unbiblical fuzziness Heart Engagement