San Patrignano

“Learning to fly”
Elisa Rubini de Silveira
San Patrignano Community
Our belief & approach
Drug abuse is not a disease
• San Patrignano’s Holistic approach
• Human being centred
• Based on 2 pillars
on site at San Patrignano
Prevention and Outreach,
in the urban context
The Mission
Full recovery and social reinsertion
• a comprehensive change in lifestyle assessing
the abstinence from drugs
• elimination of “anti-social” activities
• work reinsertion
• development of “pro-social” activities and values
The Programme
• Drug free long term residential programme
• Focused on education and personal growth
• Full rehabilitation and reintegration in the society
SanPatrignano’s Identity
an extended family
living in the beauty
Professional Training
More than 50 different job training opportunities in
Graphics and Publishing
Web design
Events’ organization
Craft & Design
Furniture & Carpentry
Metal crafting
Animal husbandry
Food processing
Food service
Some of our Products
Agriculture and Foods
Olive Oils
Meats & Salami
Milk &Cheeses
Bakery & Pastry
Vegetables, Fruits &Herbs
Flowers & plants
Services and more
Medical center
School & Education
Restaurants &Shops
Sport, Music, Theatre & Dance
Dog breeding & pension
Pet therapy
Horse breeding, schooling and
Art and Craft
Home decoration (frames, candles, plaids)
Accessories (bags, belts, etc.)
How much do we cost?
To the residents, their families,
State and tax-payers
€ 0,00
How much does it costs?
San Patrignano’s annual financial needs
€ 20 million
(corresponding to an annual cost per resident of € 13,000)
from the sales of
products and services
donations from individuals,
companies and charities
Our success rate
according to published research
Retention Factor: 30%
Positive Follow-up (no relapse): 25%
San Patrignano Study
66% after 1 year, 53% after 2 and 45% after 3 years
(% of subjects still in treatment a year after their start)
Positive FOLLOW-UP (no relapse): 72%
(for subjects who have left with the consent of SP)
Positive FOLLOW-UP (no relapse): 51%
(for subjects who have left without the consent of SP)
Some of our guys
Gianluca, lawyer
Andrea, light engineer
Pamela, student
Giordano, prosthodontist
Francesca, art gallery manager
Outreach and Prevention
• Direct involvement of youth in urban areas
• Peer to peer education
• Empathy as main communication tool
• Community based learning (2U centers)
Being "WeFree" means not depending on things outside of yourself.
Sure, that means drugs, but other stuff too. It's about looking in the
mirror or standing on the bathroom scale and feeling good about
yourself. It means feeling free to be you, and not worrying too much
about what others think of you. Being "WeFree" means making a
choice, the right choice for you. It means thinking for yourself, even
when it means going against the grain.
"WeFree" Project
• Theatre Shows
• Network >> WeFreeWorld
• WeFreeDay
"WeFree" Network
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“Thank you”
Elisa Rubini de Silveira
San Patrignano Community