Italy5 daniel - St. Michael`s BNS

Italy is a huge country. It borders France,
Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia along
the ALPS. The population in Italy 61.148
million people. Italy is the 23rd largest
population worldwide. Its capital city is
Rome. Rome is the biggest city in Italy. In
Italy there is lots of art work and sculpture.
Italy is my favourite country.
Venice is a big city. Venice has no roads but
has rivers and lakes. The population of
Venice is 27816. Venice is also known as
Vento Regions. The whole city is built on
water instead of roads. They travel by
boats through canals. Their unusual
boats are called Gondolas. Their boats
are all painted black because of a law in
1562 to stop wasting money on paint.
Rome is a very big city that is very
beautiful. Once it was known as the most
important city in the world. Romans
spoke Latin. Rome is sometimes called
the Eternal City. Rome is Italy’s
biggest city. They built stone roads
throughout their empire and some houses
even had a type of central heating.
Rome was founded as the capital city in
753 BC. It is the central city of Italy.
In Rome there is 90% of Catholics.
Rome has been founded by twins
Romulus and Remus.
Leonardo da Vinci was born in a town called
Vinci {the Italian word “da” means
“from”} in Italy in the fifteenth century.
His skills wenre drawing, painting and
sculpting. He painted Mona Lisa. Mona
Lisa hangs now in the Louvre art gallery
in Paris. Leonardo was also an engineer
and scientist. He created scissors and
helicopters. However someone stole his
idea. Leonardo could write with one hand
and draw with the other hand.
Michelangelo Buonarroti was born in Tuscany,
Italy in 1475. He studied art and anatomy
and his most famous marble sculpture, the
Pieta, was completed before he was 15.
Michelangelo’s most famous painting was
done on a church ceiling. It took him years
to finish his painting.
The ancient Romans called the area
around Vesuvius “The Gateway to the
Underworld”. In Pompeii the population
is 3,000. Mount Vesuvius was a
volcano. Every morning the volcano has
smoke coming out of it. One morning it
smoked a little bit more. It started to
rain dust, ashes and cinders on the
countryside. Gas, ash and rocks,
travelling at a speed of 100kph. Pompeii
was buried. BY: DANIEL KURKIN!