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Latin America to San Francisco
Pharma Medicines Leadership Team
Pharma Medicines
P. Soriot
Global Product Develop.
North America Comm Ops
Global Technical Ops
Western Europe Comm Ops
Global Product Strategy
Asia Pacific Comm Ops
Global Portfolio Mgmt
LatinAmerica Comm Ops
CEMAI Comm Ops
Pharma Site Head Basel
H. Barron/ SSF
P. Yang / Basel
D. Loew / Basel
M. Knierim / SSF
P. Mongrolle / Basel
I. Clark / SSF
P. Hug / Madrid
L. Miels / Shanghai
J. Rupp / Sao Paulo
T. Göker / Basel
M. Baltisberger*
* Not on MLT
Why are we here?
Joerg Rupp - Regional Head Latin America
To introduce LATAM to Genentech
– Careers
– Living in the region
To help you understand why LATAM offers good career development
To profile career opportunities in LATAM
To discuss the skills and experiences that make people successful in LATAM
To attract amazing US talent to the region
To build on our common ambition to improve patients' lives
Latin America to San
Introduction Video
Latin America Region / Pharma Medicines
Head Latin America
Pharma Medicines
Jörg-Michael Rupp
Finance & SSC
Luca Scavo
Argentina & Uruguay
Osvaldo de la Fuente
Costa Rica (PRISA)
Alvaro Soto
Business Development Marcelo H.
Adriano Treve
Miguel Munera
Human Resources Carolyn
Renê Delsin
Peter Braun
Vera Marques
Colombia & Ecuador
Rolf E. Hönger
Lars Nielsen
Roche Latin America Overview
Roche LA Affiliates & Sales**
Total Sales: CHF 2.8 Bio
Mexico (CHF 534 Mio)
Double-digit sales growth since 2002
Among Top 5 major companies in the total Latin American
pharmaceutical market*
~ 4.000 employees; 1.400 Field Force
Mexico & Brazil: In the top 10 for Roche and almost 58% of
regional sales
Venezuela (CHF 324 Mio)
Central America &
Caribbean (CHF 138
Colombia (CHF 228
Ecuador (CHF 48
(CHF 48
Most Roche companies present in LA for more than 70 years
Top selling products 2010: MabThera, Herceptin, Avastin, Tamiflu,
(CHF 72 Mio)
(CHF 1`077 Mio)
(CHF 34 Mio)
* Estimates based on IMS Retail Audits + IMS Non-Retail Audits Brazil & Mexico / ** Estimated 2010 sales in CHF at average 2009 exchange rates
(CHF 269
Why Latin America is a good choice for your Career Development?
Entirely different work experience from the US
Enhances your skills of dealing with uncertainty, the unexpected, and shifting priorities
Gives you international experiences of dealing across multiple countries & Cultures
Stretches your skills in leading a workforce that is incredibly diverse
Latin America has developed a leadership pipeline that has enabled people to move to significant leadership roles in other parts of
the world
Why Latin America is a good choice for your Career Development?
Gives you the opportunity to work in emerging and growing markets
It opens your eyes to entirely new environments - political, social and economic
It develops your hands on generalist skills, whilst demanding high level strategic thinking
Our regional business team offers demanding career opportunities because they act as the catalyst between HQ and the region.
(The face of the region)
David Loew
From Mexico to Europe
David Loew Testimonial Video
Regional Team Latin America
Comercial Development Directo LA
Marcelo H. Santos
Training Coordinator
Márcia Cunha
Regional Strategic
Planning Manager
Bruno Vasques
Regional Funding
Stefan W. Weber
Business Analyst
Henrique Leite
Business Analyst
Daniel Oliveira
Tatiana Oliveira
Regional Marketing
Manager, RA
Raul Vivar (MEX)
Marketing Analyst
Kory Portela
Regional Clinical
Trial Manager, PA
Anita Silva
Regional Marketing
Manager, Taspoglutide
Juliana Pisani
Regional Biosimilars
Vanessa Tubel
Regional Marketing
Manager, Oncology
Marketing Analyst
Maria C. Pinheiro
CRM Manager
André Veloso
Why the regional team?
Enhances your communication and coordination skills because you will work across every
market in the region
Offers the unique opportunity to develop an understanding of an entire region.
Requires leading and influencing colleagues in the region who do not report directly to you.
Managing major international and regional events including Oncolatina and Rheumalatina
High level of exposure to HQ
A mini McKinsey talent development experience
Track record of significant career moves out of this team to other parts of the Roche world
Cristina Souza
From the Regional Team to Switzerland HQ
Cristina Souza Testimonial Video
Brazil Fact Sheet
Brazil affiliate & LATAM regional team collocated in Sao
Manufacturing facility in Rio de Janeiro
Over 1’000 people
36% of Roche LATAM sales
World’s 10th largest economy
Average GDP Growth 2005 – 2008 4.6%
Population of 190 mio with 74% of population living above
the poverty line
Official Language Portuguese
Why Brazil?
Diverse culture
Top 10 Roche Market
Highly dynamic environment
Complex market with huge upside potential
Regional dimension
Exposure to high level senior management
Ample opportunity for learning!!
Rio de Janeiro Carnival!!
Duncan Trew
From Mexico to Switzerland HQ
Duncan Trew Testimonial Video
Mexico Fact Sheet
21% of Roche LATAM sales
Over 1’000 people
Manufacturing facility
12th largest world economy
Average GDP growth 2005 – 2008 3.25%.
Why Mexico?
Proximity to the USA
Tends to be more aligned to FDA decisions
The taste of a different culture
A career enhancing, cross-cultural commercial experience
A stable and successful top team
Top 10 Roche market
Interesting projects because of emerging market status
A wide range of products, franchises and business units
Amazing beaches and Tequila!!
Dimitrios Papadopoulos
From Switzerland HQ to Argentina
Dimitrios Papadopoulos Testimonial Video
Argentina Fact Sheet
10% of Roche LATAM sales
Over 400 employees
Avergae GDP growth 2005 - 2008 8.3%.
Population of 41 mio with 86% of population above
poverty line
Language: Spanish
Why Argentina?
A blend of cultures – European, Arabic and Asian
Quality of Life Index 2010 showed Argentina as the 26th best place to live in the world
A challenging social and political environment that stretches your creative skills
A very stable management team
A mid size player in Latin America with a good share of voice in the region
Strong internal investment and budgets especially in oncology
The land of tango and great red wine
Max Bucher
From Costa Rica and Argentina to Switzerland
Max Bucher Testimonial Video
Central America and The Caribbean Fact Sheet
HQ: Costa Rica
4% of Roche LATAM sales
Language: English & Spanish
Central America & The Caribbean
A region within a region (23 countries)
Complex geography
Different regulatory environments
Investment decisions
Culturally & Ethnically Diverse.
Cross cultural management
Different Health Systems
Amazing Caribbean destinations.
Peter Braun
From México to Switzerland HQ and Back to
’10 -
General Manager
’06 –’10
Life Cycle Leader – Herceptin (Tarceva)
Marketing & Sales Director
Business Unit Head – Specialty
Intl Product Manager – Xenical
Product Manager - Oncology
Business Trainee
Sales Representative
Additional Information
• Undergrad
BA Arts – U. of Penn (College)
BA Sc in Econ – U. of Penn (Wharton)
• Graduate
Danielle (wife)
Eric (8) & Nathalie (10)
• English / Spanish
• German
• French
• Dutch
Mother / Father
Roche-Mexico - Oncology Product Manager
What did I offer?
What did I learn?
• Specific oncology knowledge (in mid-90s Roche
was relatively new to field)
• Opportunity to gain broad marketing & sales
experience quickly
• Analytical & organizational skills with strategic
• Chance to “just do it” – apply analytical and
organizational skills with focus on pragmatic
solutions to drive business
• Network in Basel Headquarters
• Spanish fluency and familiarity with region
allowed me to hit ground running
• Importance of people
Keys to success in operating in a foreign country
Open mind to new environment and culture –
Genuine interest in country and culture
Quiet confidence but listen carefully (you can’t know it all!)
Do not copy paste, previous experience and skills of high value but
must be adapted to local situation
So what do we expect from you if you come to LATAM?
High level of integrity, passion and courage
An open mind and the ability to be flexible in this unique environment
A commitment to learning the culture and language
To bring your knowledge and share it with your colleagues
To be prepared to travel
A desire to make a difference in Roche and patients' lives
To bring innovative solutions to Latin America business challenges
International Assignments
– Assignment duration: 1 – 5 years
– Usually part of the career development of high potentials
– Assignment duration: 3 – 12 months
– Skill transfer/project work/trouble shooting
Local to Local
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