ATMIA Latin America

ATMIA Latin America
26 June 2014 Regional Board Meeting
Latin America Chapter meeting
Welcome and overview of agenda
Status of the Latin America chapter
Latin America chapter financial report
Creation of a joint LA Board and Government Relations Committee
Plans for a 2015 Latin America Conference and Expo
Strategy for member growth
Translation of Best Practices and other resources
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What other committees might be of benefit to the chapter?
ATMIA Latin America – Chapter Status
Diversity of the region
 Region includes
- South America
- Central America
- Mexico, Carribean (may choose USA/LA)
 As of June 1
- 3 new members; including MasterCard as
a Board member
- 14 company members
- 1 regional sponsor
- 23 global sponsors
 Resources translated
- 2 Best Practice manuals
- Member collateral
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ATM Market in South America
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ATMIA Latin America – Financial Report
As of May 22, 2014
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ATMIA Latin America Board
First meeting of the LATAM Regional Board
Regional Board Functions
 Create and manage working
committees and forums
 Provide regional input on ATMIA
mission and planning
 Guide development of regional
resources – webinars, best practice
 Provide input on budgetary needs
 Assist with membership development
 Determine need for a regional
defense fund
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ATMIA Latin America Board
First meeting of the LATAM Regional Board
Election of a Board Chairman
 Board may also be led by a
Chairperson and Co-chair, or two
 An important step in the growth and
maturity of the region
 It is preferred that Board leaders be
based within a LATAM country
 If multiple individuals are interested
in this responsibility, an election
would be held
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ATMIA Latin America GRC
Combined Regional Board and GRC
 Government Relations
Committee (GRC) is another
important step
- Monitors regulatory efforts
across the region
- New regulations tend to cross
- Coordinate response to new
 We recommend that smaller
chapters use a combined
Board and GRC format
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2015 ATMIA Latin America Conference
 Venue – Miami, Florida, USA
- April/May time frame
- Working on hotel options
 Regional conference
- A theme for the event is needed
- Seek out a Keynote speaker
- Call for speakers for general sessions
- $500 -600 registration fee
 Exhibit hall
- Need a minimum of 10 -15 exhibitors
and/or sponsors
- $2,500 – 3,500 per booth; depending
on hotel costs
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Global Committees
There are a number of global committee groups
 ATM Cash Council
 Global GRC
 Windows 7 Migration
- Recently terminated
 2020
- End of Win7 support
 ATM Software & Cyber Security
- Best Practices update
 Updateable ATM
- Alternative ATM O/S
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Regional Committees
ATMIA USA has six active committees
 U.S. Board Steering
 Government Relations
Committee (GRC)
 Independent ATM Deployer
 Sponsoring Financial
 U.S. Underbanked Forum
 U.S. EMV Migration
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Regional Committees
ATMIA Europe has four active committees
 European Government
Relations &
 European Cash &
 European Security &
 European Membership &
Business Development
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Regional Committees
Latin America – what committees are of interest and value?
 Latin America Cash?
 Latin America Fraud and
 Latin America
Under-served Markets?
 Latin America EMV
 Postpone formation of
other committees?
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Strategy for Member Growth
What can we do to drive membership growth?
 Webinars on current topics of
- EMV migration in LATAM
- Prevention of explosive attacks
- Windows t migration
 Marketing program focused on
- Press releases in the region
- Email campaign
 Partner with existing members?
- Internal marketing to bank customers
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ATMIA – Best Practices
Brazilian Portuguese Translated Best Practices
• Prevenção de Ataques a ATMs
Spanish Translated Best Practices
• Sistema de Pagos Integrados en el ATM y Experiencia del Cliente
• Mejores prácticas para la prevención de ataques contra cajeros
automáticos con gas y explosivos
Other Best Practices to Translate?
• Cardless ATM Transactions Best Practices
• ATM Software Security Best Practices
• ATM Business Efficiency Best Practices
• ATM Physical Security Version 2 Best Practices
• Managing Anti Money Laundering at ATMs
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Do You Have
Any Questions?
Feel free to contact us.
David Tente
Executive Director, LATAM
(407) 833-7906
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