The Role of Religion

Let’s Review
1. What was the role of each of the groups
in the hierarchy of the church?
The Church hierarchy had the duty to be obedient to
the group above and below them.
2. What similarities can you see between
the feudal system and the organization of
the Church?
 They both have:
 Powerful leaders who govern the people
 People in between who are loyal to the leader at the
 Peasants to work hard and who must be loyal to the
person above them
 People who are ranked above each other
 A form of social status
3. Make a list of the hierarchies you can
identify in our society today.
 Economical hierarchy - Wealthy, upper class, middle
class, working poor, poor.
 Government – Prime Minister, Premier, MLA,
 School System – Educational MLA, District
Superintendent, Principal, Teachers, Students
4. What was the role of the priest?
 Baptizing babies
 Marrying couples
 Teaching children their prayers
 Leading religious services for their congregation
5. What was the role of the parishioners
 Duty to obey the rules of the Church
 Respect the priest’s authority
 Pay him a tithe (a portion of their crops or earnings)
6. What tasks did monks and nuns
 Studying religious books
 Praying
 Working
 Grew and prepared food for the order
 Taught children
 Cared for the sick and the poor
 Fed the hungry (many members of the order died of
the Black Death when they cared for the victims of
the plague)
7. What modern examples can you give
of people’s religious beliefs causing them
to live a certain way?
Every faith has certain practices that
encourage and council their followers to
live a certain way.
For example: Christian, Buddhism,
Muslim, Jewish, etc.
8. How have the roles of the Church changed since the
medieval times and to what extent does the Church still
play some of the same roles as in the Middle Ages?
 Roles of Church changed:
 Doesn’t hold the governing power it once did over
the people
 Congregations aren’t as many as there used to be,
not everyone goes to church.
 Roles of Church the same:
 There is still a Church hierarchy.
 People still go to church
 Still have monks and nuns
9. Why did monks and nuns have to be educated in
their places of religious service?
 The roles of the monks and nuns were to copy
religious books; so they would need to know
how to read and write to do this.
10. Eventually universities were built around these
religious schools. What were the roles of woman in
relation to universities? Do you think this was fair?
Explain why or why not?
 Women were not permitted to attend these
universities, not until the late 1800s.
This was unfair because women had something
to contribute and should have been permitted
to be educated just like a man was.
11. What are some ‘Worldviews’ that started to change
from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance? Explain
Beliefs and Values
The Black Death made people question their
 People began to be more critical of the Church
and its wealth.
 People started to notice that many of the clergy
were more caught up in wealth than in
spiritual matters.
Study for the Renaissance Chapter 1
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