Medievel Church -

The Medieval Church
1. What was the effect of the Middle Ages on the Western or Roman Catholic Church?
2. Who was the leader of the Catholic Church? Where is it believed that he got his authority to
3. How were people viewed during the Middle Ages?
4. What were people required to do in order to get to heaven?
5. What power did the Church have over the people?
6. What role did the Church play in daily life of people during the Middle Ages?
7. How did the Church get its money?
8. In what language were services conducted? How did this limit the power of the people?
9. Who creates the rules, which monks and nuns are required to uphold, and what are some of
10. What did Monks, Nuns, and Monasteries do to help revive and bring back learning and culture?
11. What types of opportunities and advantages did becoming a Nun open up to women?
12. What types of problems did the Church begin to have and why did they develop?
13. How were people of other faiths, particularly Jewish and Muslim people treated by the Church?