State v. Hansel Schmidt and Gretel Schmidt

Mock Court Case
Teenagers abandoned…
Left alone by father and cruel step
Village of Hexville in Salem County.
Decide they need a job to
Teens go into a small bake shop where
Hansel claims he is looking for a job in
order to have money to rent a furnished
Bakery Owner: Malvinia Crueller
Famous for her baked gingerbread
 Dresses like a witch to attract business,
especially children.
The account of
what happened
next varies…
According to Malvinia…
The teens took candies and cookies off
her gingerbread houses. When she told
them to stop they refused.
 She ordered them out of the shop, but
they refused and started throwing baked
houses on the floor.
The teens fought her when she tried to
get them to leave. In self-defense,
Malvinia tried to hit them with a baking
pan from the oven. They pushed back
and Malvinia called for help.
 The teens fled the scene before the
neighbors arrived.
According to Hansel and Gretel…
They admit they did touch the
gingerbread houses, but only to admire
 When Malvinia came after them, one of
the houses was knocked on the floor.
Malvinia pulled out a large pan from the
oven and tried to push Gretel into the
Hansel and Gretel ran from the shop but
realized after running they had no place
to go.
A police car pulled over and the officer
questioned them. They were taken into
custody and were later identified by
Malvinia Crueller.
 They were charged with aggravated
battery, criminal mischief, and petit theft.