Dr. Mandalet

Jeremy “#J-MarZ” Marcus
Pat “The Gambler” Doyle
Tyler “MoonShoes” Gallagher
1) Leonce consults Dr. Mandalet about Edna
(pg 85-88)
2) Dr. Mandalet observes Edna (pg 91-93)
3) Dr. Mandalet consults with Edna (pg 146147)
“He bore a reputation from wisdom rather than
Doctor- Respected position in almost all
In most cases doctors in this time would not
have needed a college education
As a minor character, Dr. Mandalet does not
play an important role in her awakening.
He gives the reader insight into Edna’s psyche
by being the only character that really
understands Edna
He does tell Leonce to keep his distance which
makes the awakening possible
“He knew his fellow-creatures better than most
men; knew that inner life which so seldom
unfolds itself to unanointed eyes. He was sorry
he had accepted Pontellier’s invitation. He was
growing old, and beginning to need rest and an
imperturbed spirit. He did not want the secrets
of other lives thrust upon him.
I hope it isn’t Arobin,” he muttered to himself
as he walked. I hope to heaven it isn’t Alcee
Mandalet would certainly conclude that Edna had
killed herself. He is the only character that truly
understands Edna, and he would realize that her
death had not been an accident. His level headed
nature would not be so easily fooled as the other
members of creole society. Dr. Mandalet proved
his skills in observation when he predicted the
affair between Alcee and Edna. A few days before
her suicide, he mentions that she “…seems to
[him] to be in trouble.” As a result, in observing
the circumstances surrounding Edna’s death, it
would be easy for him to deem it a suicide.
Mandalet tells Edna, “I don’t want you to blame
yourself, whatever comes;” yet it would be the
doctor who would feel guilt for Edna’s suicide.
Mandalet took the hands off approach with her
and it contributed to her death. Instead of telling
Edna he is “not going to ask [her] for [her]
confidence,” he hopes that she will come to him by
her own volition. Mandalet should have known
that Edna’s headstrong nature would never bring
her to him for help. Mandalet could have done
more as a doctor to help her, and he would have
known that more than anyone else.