Realist Poetry

Realist Poetry
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Read “We Wear the Mask” on pg 532 and answer the following questions.
1. What does the mask symbolize?
2. How is this similar to Edna’s situation?
3. What are the metaphors in this poem? Why are they effective?
Read “Sympathy” by Paul Lawrence Dunbar as well in the gold box on pg 533.
4. How are “Sympathy” and “We Wear the Mask” similar?
5. How is Edna like the caged bird?
6. Read the rest of the box. How is Maya Angelou like Edna?
Read “Richard Cory” by Robinson on page 542.
7. How is Richard Cory like Edna?
8. What is the point to this poem?
Read “Lucinda Matlock” on pg 546. On the back respond to the poem and what
this woman might think of Edna Pontellier.