to a guide to the ext. 1 preliminary course

Students will develop knowledge
and understanding of:
• how and why texts are valued.
Students will develop skills in:
• extensive independent investigation
• theorising about texts and values
based on analysis and
understanding of complex ideas
sustained composition.
• the role of language in developing positive interaction and
• their developing skills as users of English
• the pleasure and diversity of language and literature
• the role of language and literature in their lives
• the study and use of English as a key to learning
• reflection on their own processes of learning
• appropriateness, subtlety and aesthetics in language use.
Preliminary Outcomes
A student understands how and why texts are valued in
and appropriated into a range of contexts.
A student develops skills in independent investigation,
involving particular texts and their manifestations in
various forms, and within particular cultural contexts.
A student develops skills in extended composition in a
range of modes and media for different audiences and
Course Requirements:
Students undertaking the Preliminary English
(Extension) course must complete:
Students examine a key text from
the past and its manifestations in
one or more popular cultures.
Through close study, you will
• consider the relationships between the text and
its culture
• explore the language of the texts and examine
the ways in which language shapes and reflects
• consider the effects of different ways of
responding to texts
• consider the ways and reasons the original and
later manifestations of the text are valued.
You will also:
• explore, analyse and critically
evaluate different examples - of
such appropriations - in a range
of contexts and media…
including some appropriations of
your own choosing.
• Students explore the ways in which
aspects of texts from the past have
been appropriated into popular
• The module develops students’
understanding of how and why
cultural values are maintained and
• You will begin the HSC Ext. 1 course in Term 4 this year.
• The following slides give you an outline of what you will be
required to do in The HSC Ext. 1 course.
• You should use the Prelim course to ‘best prepare’ you for the
demands of the HSC course. If you fulfil ALL the prelim tasks –
you WILL be very well-prepared for the HSC course.
• “work smart” in Prelim… and you will succeed in the HSC.
• In the late 20th century and early 21st century, the
development towards a global culture has blurred
traditional concepts and boundaries of time and space.
• Knowledge, values and culture have become at once
global and local through the globalisation of
• Choice and circumstance have created a range of individual
and community responses to this changing reality: some
have embraced or warily accepted it, while others have
challenged or retreated from it.
• The ideas, language forms, features and structures of texts
may reflect or challenge ways of thinking during this period.
Two of which must be print texts, as well as other texts of your
own choosing.
In your responding and composing you will explore, analyse,
experiment with and critically evaluate their prescribed texts
and a range of other appropriate examples.
Texts should be drawn from a range of contexts and media and
should reflect the relationships between the global and the
local and the significance of these relationships to the life of
the individual and their community.