Twelve Rules of Success

Twelve Rules of Success
By Bill Marriott
Learning Objectives:
To understand and learn from Bill Marriott, CEO &
Chairman of a visionary company - Marriott
International on how to apply the company’s basic
principles that have made them successful.
In a changing world, there is always room
for improvement
1. Continually challenge your team to do
Give your employees – and they will give
back to you
2. Take good care of your employees and
they’ll take good care of your customers, and
the customers will come back
They help you to make the difference
3. Celebrate your people’s success, not your
Improve your knowledge & skills
continuously… there is always something
new to learn
4. Know what you’re good at and mine those
competencies for all you’re worth
Do not procrastinate… better to take
chances then to do nothing
5. Do it and do it NOW. Err on the side of taking
He who listens well, learns well
6. Communicate. Listen to your customers,
associates and competitors
The benefits of Hands-On Manager who does
not manage behind the desk
7. See and be seen, Get out of your office,
walk around, make yourself visible and
The benefits of Hands-On Manager who does
not manage behind the desk
Success is never final
8. The Devil is in the Details – Success is in the
Attitude vs Aptitude
You got to love what you do…
9. It’s more important to hire people with the
right qualities than with specific experience
Providing consistency in Quality & Service
10. Customer needs may vary, but their bias
for quality never does
Learn from Mistakes
11. Eliminate the cause of a mistake. Don’t just
clean up
Looking forward………
12. View every problem as an opportunity to
(If there is no problem, you won’t be here)
12 Rules of Success by Bill Marriott
12 Rules of Success by Bill Marriott