protection - Save the Children

Around the world, Save the Children is giving millions of children life-saving
healthcare, nutritious food, protection from abuse and the chance to go to
school. And when disaster strikes, they do whatever it takes to keep children safe.
But none of this life-changing work would be possible without the support of
people like you.
This Christmas, let’s help more children wake up to a bright future.
Photo: Jane Hahn/Save the Children
Six-month-old Aaron was
treated in a Save the
Children clinic in Liberia
for severe malnutrition.
These girls are receiving a basic education at a Save the
Children drop-in centre for street children who live and work
on the railway tracks at the busy station in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Photo: Sebastian Rich/Save the Children
Save the Children
helped James, from
Liberia, recover
from anaemia and
severe malnutrition.
Photo: Jane Hahn/Save the Children
Save the Children provided a cot for six-month-old
Kai in the UK so he can get a good night’s sleep
and his mum can avoid getting further into debt.
Photo: Anna Kari/Save the Children