PowerPoint Presentation - Wreningham VC Primary School

An unusual incident which has been reported in the area of Wreningham on the evening of
Thursday 20th October 2011. It is your job to investigate the strange events which took
Please produce a report to be handed into headquarters on Monday 4th November.
You have been provided with some photographs taken by an anonymous witness in the
area at the time.
You may choose how you present your report, and can include some of the following
 An eyewitness account describing what may have been seen on the night.
A description of the photographic evidence, with possible explanations of what
was captured on film.
Some research about UFO sightings, investigating whether they are real, a hoax
or trick, or have a simple explanation.
A poster explaining the incident and your conclusions.
A photo which you may have taken, with your own account of a sighting.
A newspaper front page reporting the event, made by hand or on the computer.
... any other idea you may have to present your report.
Photo taken: 20.10.2011 at 08:33 pm
Location: Wreningham Primary School
School Grounds
Photo taken 21.10.2011 7:45 am
Location: Wreningham Primary School
School Grounds
Photo taken 20.10.2011 8:10pam
Location: Wreningham Primary School
Over Wrenigham Village
Photo taken 20.10.2011 6:13pam
Location: Over Wrenigham Village
Photo taken 21.10.2011 6.:14 am
Location: Fields near Wrenigham
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