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Luna Bars
By: Chelsea Schneider, Andrew Rubin,
Sean Stewart& Yossi Weinberg
I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance
on this examination or assignment.
Luna Bar History
 Launched in 1999
 Demand from women within Clif Bar company
 Quickly gained 17% market share
 Preexisting distribution channels
 Luna = Greek goddess of the moon
Target Market
 Teenaged girls- adult women
 Created for active women who want something that
tastes good and is good for them
 “It is an indulgent treat that satiates hunger and helps
women more easily fit protein into their diet”
 Product differentiation from the Clif Bar
 Released in 1999 with the tagline “The Whole
Nutrition Bar for Women”
 Nutz over Chocolate, Trail Mix, Lemon Zest, and
Chocolate Pecan Pie
 Two new product lines
Product (Nutrition)
 Boasts less than 200 calories and only 5 grams of fat
 Nutritional health benefits catered to women’s needs
 Soy protein, calcium, folic acid, zinc, iron
 Antioxidants
 GMO soy protein for breast health
Product (Packaging)
 Promotes with bright, shiny contrasting colors on the
package. Each bar has a stamp that says “70 percent
organic, all natural” on the front
 Convenient size
 Clif sponsors Terracycle who offers products made out of
the Luna bar wrapper
Product (Packaging)
 Bars are slightly more expensive than competing brands
like balance bars and power bars because of high quality
and organic ingredients
 Luna Bar – $18.75/box (15) (Same as clif bar)
 PowerBar Pria - $15/box (15)
 Atkins Advantage - $9/ box (5) = $30
 1 year after release bar price ranged from $1.49 to
$1.79. Now a little higher ($1.60 to $2.30)
Place (Distribution)
 Luna piggybacked on the distribution scheme of clif
 Can be found at:
 Shoppers, REI, Safeway, Giant, Target, Trader Joes,
Super Fresh, Whole Foods, Nordstrom, sports specialty
 A mix of major food distributors and sporty/earthy
specialty stores as well as some women’s stores
 Found next to other power bars
 Also sold online
 Luna Bar Website
 Steering clear of traditional advertising to women that
often resorts to stereotypes, LUNA Bar is portrayed as a
healthy, yet indulgent escape.
 Magazine advertsements
 Luna Moms Club
 Lunafest
 Luna on Campus
 Team Luna Chix
 Corporate responsibility
 Bringing women together through sports
Variety of flavors
Promotes Wellness
 Breast Cancer Fund
Large distribution channels
Loyal core consumers
 Five “bottom lines”
Lack of mainstream advertising
Niche product
 Other bars market to a wider range of
More expensive than other alternatives
Very targeted demographic
 First bar to specifically target women
Shift from impulse buy to a sought after
 Large amount of resources
Sister company of Clif Bar
Established brands
Organic ingredient recalls
Powerbar, Balance Bar, MetRx, etc.
Recent recall on products containing peanuts
New entrants targeting women as well
 Extend product mix to align company with competitors
 Protein shake, other snacks, cereals
 Luna bar for adolescent girls, much like Clif bar for kids
 Adjust pricing strategy to compete better within the
energy/ nutrition bar category
Recommendations continued
 Develop promotional strategy to increase brand
 Cross-promotional programs with Clif Bar
 Expand college ambassadors program to larger campuses
 Celebrity endorsers
 Social networking
 Sales Promotion
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