Start-up meeting EuroEnEff Project
Leonardo da Vinci - TOI
12th-13th January, Sofia
• GLAVBOLGARSTROY is the biggest Bulgarian
construction company having almost 40 years of
experience on the domestic and international markets.
The company is specialized in all types of architecturalconstruction works: residential, public, infrastructure,
industrial and eco-projects, including investment
• The company operates on the territory of Bulgaria,
Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,
Germany and the Near East. The company is active also
in the filed of investment projects, including large-scale
projects of national importance.
VTC Glavbolgarstroy AD
• The Vocational Training Centre to Glavbolgarstroy AD
possesses a License from NAVET for 45 professions,
mainly in construction field for 1st and 2nd qualification
degree. From October 2006 the VTC expanded its
License for 3 new professions for acquisition of 3rd
qualification degree for Construction technician,
Geodesist and Landscape technician.
• The VTC to Glavbolgarstroy AD offers training in
accordance with Article 6, Paragraph 3 from the Rules
for safety and health work with electro-equipment with
electromotive force up to 1000V.
VTC Glavbolgarstroy AD
• The VTC to Glavbolgarstroy AD carries out training in accordance
with Regulation No2/22.03.2004 for the Minimal requirements for
safe and healthy work conditions in construction.
• The VTC to Glavbolgarstroy AD carries out training for Private
drivers and recovers points taken away from Traffic Police.
• The VTC to Glavbolgarstroy AD offers training in different
specialized subjects and on Employers’ assignment
• The VTC to Glavbolgarstroy AD rents premises equipped with all
necessary technical means – multimedia, computers, boards, air
conditioning. There are options for provision of catering and parking
• In case of necessity, the VTC is able to provide vocational training in
different cities.
Energy efficiency and renovation of
The cheaper way… is it good enough!?
Demonstration recovery of big
family buildings
The results from the first 2 years of a project
“Demonstration recovery of big family buildings”, which
was realized from MRRB and the Program for
development of OON (UNDP) for Bulgaria shows, that
the people’s interest is to recover not only their
apartment, but the shared parts of the buildings too. 4
million people in our country, more than the half of our
population, are living in big family buildings and the
process of renovation has not alternative. This is very
important, especially for the panel buildings, which have
very low level of energy efficiency. The biggest problem
for the renovation is the organization of all owners and
their mutual consent.
Program for energy efficiency
• Advantage from the execution of measures for
energy effectiveness
• Decrease the loss of energy and the expenses
for thermal and electrical energy, whose prices
grow up continuously.
• The price of property grow up in view of the
investition and the new better energy indicators.
• better comfort for the people with a little energy
• the old buildings have by recovery and better
front elevation.
Program for energy efficiency
• 100 GW/h electrical energy will be economized every
year, if Bulgaria realizes the Program for energy
efficiency. For 2008 it is expected that energy
investigation of 582 buildings, 549 from them are
national property, 33-community property (schools,
hospitals, kinder garden, theaters, administrative
buildings and other) will be done. For that program will
be spent 3 million BGN.
• From 2006 till 2008 an energy audit of 619 buildings was
carried out.
• Bulgaria and the other nations from European union
have the engagement until 2016 to make energy
economy from 9% in comparison with 2001-05.
• The biggest problem for the professional
training institutions about energy efficiency
is the absence of textbooks and
handbooks for the trainers and for the
• Example: VTC “Glavbolgarstroy” AD has
and provides professional education only
with one textbook(Technical UniversitySofia) and with materials from BCC.
Thank you for Your attention!
eng. Peter Jivkov
[email protected]