Cultural relationships between Europe and Korea in

International meeting
Cultural relationships between
Europe and Korea in Modern and
Contemporary Age
Florence - Friday, May 9, 2014
P.zza Brunelleschi n. 3-4, Sala Comparetti
Session I
9.30 - Welcome messages:
Prof. Elisabetta Cerbai, Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Research, Univ.
of Florence.
Dr. Ho-Seok Shin, Counsellor of South Korea Embassy in Rome
Dr. Riccardo Gelli, president of Taegukgi - Toscana Korea Association
Rolando Minuti: Introduction
Chair: Francesco Salvestrini (Univ. of Florence)
10.00 - Meung-Hoan Noh (Hankuk Univ. Seoul), The value and
meaning of the idea of European integration for Korea and East
10.30 - Sangwoo Lim (Sogang Univ. Seoul), Transmission of Modern
Historical Science in Europe into Korea in the Earlier Twentieth
11.00 - coffee break
11.30 - Young Ahn Kang (Sogang Univ. Seoul), What was philosophy
to the Korean philosophers who came to know Western philosophy?
12. 00 - Dong-Hyun Lim (Univ. of Pisa), Vico and Korea: East Asia in
Vico’s historiography and situation of Vichian studies in Korea
12.30 - Discussion
13.00 - Lunch
Session II
Chair: Rolando Minuti (Univ. of Florence)
15.00 - Jong-Ho Chun (Sogang Univ. Seoul), La Corée dans l’Histoire
générale des voyages de l’abbé Prevost
15.30 - Francesco Salvestrini (Univ. of Florence), Korean and
Japanese Scholars on Medieval and Renaissance Tuscany
16.00 - Kwon Bokyung (Hankuk Univ.Seoul), Italian Missioners in
Korea at the end of XIXth and beginnings of XXth century
Con il patrocinio di
Ambasciata della
Repubblica di Corea in Italia
Istituto Italiano di Cultura
16.30 - coffee break
17.00 - Sejung Oh (Univ. of Florence), Acedia: a sin between
personal sorrow and anomie (XIII-XIV centuries)
17.30 - Federico Squarcini (Univ. Ca’ Foscari, Venice), How
representative are these representations? Learning from the history
of European’s codification of South Asian culture
18.00 - Discussion
18.30 - Rolando Minuti, Francesco Salvestrini, Conclusions
A cura di
SAGAS - Dip. di Storia Archeologia Geografia Arte e Spettacolo
Laboratorio di Storia moderna
Toscana Korea Association